Feeding Mystery snails


I am wanting to ask if anyone here has ever fed Terre Pleco Wafers to Mystery snails or is there any other foods that are real good for Snails?
Judy Mayes


I dont know what else your tank is stocked with. I'm guessing they would eat them as its some kind of algae wafer. I feed my nerite and rabbit snails cucumber or zucchini or kale. I also add calcium blocks which contains protein and minerals that they need


Mystery snails will eat those for sure but they need more than that. Its so important to have a variety of food for them. Veggies are also a good choice especially ones high in calcium (helps keep their shells strong) i usually blanch/boil mine, zucchini, squash, spinach, anything really. Some people make their own snail jello aka Snello. U could google that to learn more about it. Also important they get some protein as well.
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