Feeding Mysis Shrimp Instead Of Brine Shrimp?

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by ILikeFishies, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. ILikeFishiesValued MemberMember

    Anyone ever heard of mysis shrimp? i was at the fish store today and i noticed that they didnt have frozen brine shrimp but what they did have was mysis shrimp(hikari brand) It says that its a good alternative to brine shrimp. What are your thoughts on these mysis shrimp? First time hearing about mysis shrimp.
  2. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    From what I have read, mysis shrimp are a decent food for bettas for example. I think one needs to rehydrate them in tank water before adding them.
  3. ILikeFishiesValued MemberMember

    i have to rehydrate them? oh sorry i forgot to mention that they are frozen mysis shrimp o.o
  4. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    Well in that case you do not need to rehydrate them of course. :)
  5. ILikeFishiesValued MemberMember

    okay xD! Well my betta ate the mysis shrimp. Just that..he ate it..then spat it into pieces..then ate all the pieces lol
    But my guppies and platies loved them and just ate it in 1 go
  6. CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    I love frozen mysis shrimp. Feed it to all my fish and my African Dwarf Frogs love it too! Great food.
  7. escapayWell Known MemberMember

    Good question! I gave frozen mysis shrimp to my fish in the past and started up again recently. My tetras, loaches, and betta enjoyed them. The Angelfish wasn't sure what to think. I don't think he ate a single one.

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