Feeding my molly

  1. fishfanatic15 Member Member

    My Molly has been acting normally except she really only swims around close to the bottom and up and down along the side of the glass. She is with two platys. I thought it was because she is the only Molly in there but this morning she didn't come up to eat so I dropped some quick sinking pellets so she would see them. She gobbled them up. I was wondering if I should just continue to feed her those or if there might be something wrong
  2. Protim Sarkar Well Known Member Member

    You can interchange the food with some like bloodworms.

  3. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    What size tank?
  4. fishfanatic15 Member Member


  5. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    Ten gallons is really too small for a molly, is your tank cycled? what are your water parameters? mollies do need to be in groups, so that could be why she's acting so strange.
  6. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Hello, beautiful fish! But Five 97 is correct, only having the platies would be ok in that tank, and it would be stocked at that point. Is that a dojo loach? They get big as well and need a shoal of 5+. Do you have any other fish? What are the genders of the platies?
    Edit: forgot to say that the dojo isn't suitable for that size.
  7. fishfanatic15 Member Member

    Yes my friend Is taking the dojo to his 55 gal as soon as he can.

    These are water parameters
    Ammonia - 0
    Nitrite - 0
    Nitrate - between 5 and 10 ppm
    pH - 7.4 - 7.6
    Temp - 78.1

    Also how long could she stay in there. I will be setting up my old 35gal probably some time in the near future

  8. Nicoldeme Member Member

    Just continue to make sure she eats, do frequent water changes, and you should be fine until you can upgrade. I'm having the same issues with overstocking due to platy fry right now, and mine's only a ten as well. Just keep everything clean and you'll be alright.
  9. fishfanatic15 Member Member

    I have been doing daily water changes because it was finishing it's cycle but I am going to bring it down to every other day if that seems reasonable

    EDIT: BTW the Molly still needs a name
  10. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    How about Luna Sole?

  11. fishfanatic15 Member Member

    I like that! Very creative.