Feeding My Goniopora And Hammer Corals


On Sunday I picked up a hammer and goniopora coral for my 25 gallon cube nano reef.
The only stocking is a pair of Ocellaris Clownfish.
What I wanted to know was is Ocean Nutrition's MicroPlankton a good food for these corals until I get my proper coral foods and trace elements in about 3 weeks.
I tried to feed some of the ON MicroPlankton and my morph seemed to take some but the hammer and GonI retracted slightly. I placed the food in the water column and let the current take it to them and only 1 head on the GonI took it and then about 60% of it retracted.
What should I do?
I do weekly water changes.
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Wish I could help... I'm still a bit of a newb, but love Goni's. I've been a little afraid of them because of the feeding requirements. Maybe Nart can help as he's got a pretty good feeding regimen and even one or two NPS corals. Nanologist also has a wealth of information, he is a great researcher.

Again, I don't have a lot of experience and don't have a GonI either. However, I've had some luck using the cloudy shrimp juice I get from thawing mysis and brine in tank waterw. My ricordea, favias and even zoa's and sympodium polyps all respond well to it. Maybe that could get you by while you are waiting for your order.

Edit: Oops, forgot about the Hammer. Pretty sure those guys can take larger meaty pieces. I think grantm91 feeds his mysis.


The MicroPlankton should be okay for now, but some varieties do like something more substantial like stella1979 mentioned. Many get away without target feeding gonis or hammers, but some varieties do better with mysis, cyclopeeze, or even just target feeding Reef Roids or Goniopower.

As far is them retracting, from what I've read Goniopora are just sensitive and often retract just from feeling a squirt from a turkey baster/coral feeder, so even if the food is fine it simply may not have liked the direct feeding. I would suggest turning all pumps off for feeding and gently "dropping" the MicroPlankton a bit above them and letting it fall and settle on them.


Gonis are very sensitive corals. People say that their life span in a home aquarium is somewhere between 6mths and 1year. Due to their complex feeding habits.
Depends... some people have the water parameters, lighting and feeding right.... can live longer

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