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Discussion in 'Tiger Barb' started by Sh899y, May 23, 2019.

  1. Sh899y Valued Member Member

    How often do people feed their tiger barbs? Straightforward one I know. Only I've struggled to find any thing more definitive than twice a day. I've already cut it too once a day but interested to know what people do.

  2. Heron Valued Member Member

    I feed all my fish twice a day once in the morning about half an hour after the lights go on and once in the evening half an hour before they go off. I find it best to have a starve day once a fortnight, this helps to prevent constipation and encourages the fish to eat any left over food on the bottom The only time I feed more often is when I have fry for their first 10 days. This seems to work well for all the various types of fish I've had although I have never kept tiger Barb's.
  3. Basil Well Known Member Member

    Twice a day. It’s mostly, however, because I have young, growing loaches in the tank. Although the barbs are such beggars that I would probably feed them twice a day regardless lol!
    I also feed them peas once a week.
    The loaches like the peas as much as the barbs!
  4. Sh899y Valued Member Member

    Cheers Basil. I've never known fish to actively seek food as much as Tigers. It's as if they are starving everytime to you go near the tank. What's more impressive is there sheer appetite. Mine are still small too, picked them up as juveniles less than a month ago. Growing quick mind.

    Out of interest what loaches? Recently added 6 YoYos.
  5. Basil Well Known Member Member

    I have 7 Boria dario also know as the Queen or Bengal loach.
    Also in the tank are 5 golden diamond barbs. They are a color variety of the gold barb. They actually are worse beggars than the tigers! :D
    I think barbs and loaches do very well together.