Feeding Harlequin Rasboras

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    Hi. I feed my harlequin rasboras, Omega One color flakes, Omega one veggie flakes, hikari freeze dried blood worms, hikari daphnia, san francisco bay brine shrimp, hikari spirulina brine shrimp, and new life spectrum small .5 mm pellets.

    1) Now, my issues is with the brine shrimp, i can't break it down well and consistent and uniform enough with just my fingers. Some bigger pieces remain than smaller ones, and they sink when i put them in the water. I am thinking a pill crusher might fix this. I would like them to be small like daphnia where they just float on the surface and dont go down until they are finished eating them.

    2) Another problem I have is with the NLS small .5 pellets, I think they just ignore the pellets and dont know to eat them. Maybe they are too small for them? It just eventually ends up on the bottom for my bottom feeders. What size pellets or what pellets do you guys feed your harlequin rasboras?
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