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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by KarenSoCal, Apr 21, 2017.

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    I'm not sure I'd do that, I could see things going awry. I don't think it'd effect is relationship with the shrimp, but if the fry was carrying something you didn't know was in the tank(ich for example) then you'd also be infecting your betta with it. He also might just ignore it, some bettas can be extremely chill like that. Do you not have a store near you that could take the fry?
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    I have Petco and Petsmart, plus one privately owned LFS. I guess I'm thinking no one wants platies of 2 different colors. Red sunburst wag, and dad is a gold Mickey Mouse. I tried separating them for a few days...he was frantic looking for her, and all she did was mope in a corner. When I got him, the store employees and I thought he was female...boy were we wrong!
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    Fish stores love free fish, I think it's worth asking. I was in your shoes not knowing where to take them and then I found a LFS and they took them. Poor guys! They must be eachothers true love haha.
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    Ok, I'll givethe LFS a try. They took my 200 mystery snail babies!
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    I've fed livebearer fry to all of my bettas and it never changed their reaction to shrimp. You'll be fine.