Feeding fry well away

  1. Dragonfish Initiate Member

    Feeding fry well away from home

    Well 1 of my females finally gave birth 2 days ago and. I have the seperated in to a nursery tank all 29 that lived and. And have. Been feeding them crushed up flakes

    But I have too leave town for 2 days what I have. No idea what to feed them or what to do to keep them alive well I'm gone
  2. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Firstly if you could go edit your post and correct the spelling and abbreviations. Many members will not try to figure out what you're saying when its in "text speak".

    How long are you going to be away?

  3. Dragonfish Initiate Member

    I will be out of two 2 days for sure but maybe a third I. Am just wondering the best way to keep the fry full

    Thank you sorry for the privious spelling mistakes
  4. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I think you are fine with only leaving for two days. If you're worried I'd have someone stop by and feed them.

  5. Dragonfish Initiate Member

    Could or should I I use one of those three day feeders for them
  6. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I would never use one of those in ANY of my tanks. They are junk and just pollute your water. Fry need pristine water conditions and that will just pollute the water.
  7. Dragonfish Initiate Member

    Okay I thought some of those jell. Kinda of one might work but I may just get some automated feeders for both my tanks

  8. e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    Those are awesome I'm trying to get a couple of those. It would be ideal to have one of those.