Feeding Bloodworms?

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by Nevaeh Bowers, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Nevaeh BowersNew MemberMember

    I recently bought some bloodworms for my beta. He loves them. As Im new to fish and definitely new to bloodworms I have some questions. The bloodworms that Im feeding him are alive, sorry for the confusion.
    Most of the articles Ive read online say to give 3-5 worms per feeding, can anyone confirm this?
    Can I give these to my beta as a meal replacement for pellets/flakes?
    I read that eventually the worms will turn into flys, some websites even said as soon as a week after purchasing. The people at the pet store told me that in the fridge they should be good for about a month? Did I get lied to?
    What happens if I accidentally drop a worm and it falls to the bottom of the tank?
    Some websites are saying bloodworms bites can be super painful and potentially harmful? Should I be worried about handling them with my bare hands or about my fish being biten?

    This question isnt about bloodworms but does have me stumped. I have three thermometers in my tank right now. My fishtank heater has a built in thermometer and its reading at 75 degrees. The other two are reading at 77 degrees and 80 degrees. My tank is 5.5 gallons and I have a filter. Why am I getting such varied readings? Thanks everyone :)
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  2. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    I'm guessing your feeding the freeze dried bloodworms. these are super unhealthy and should only be given as a treat occasionally. Your going to want a actual food for you betta. As for turning to flys, the cold weather slows down the metamorphisis, so probably you will get a month.
  3. JamieXPXPWell Known MemberMember

    I would only feed 1-2 works per feeding as I find my betta cannot eat more then that (despite how hard he tries). Bloodworms aren't great to use as a replacement for pellets or flakes as they are more of a treat. the bloodworms won't turn into flies since they are dead, Ive never had it happen at least. Freeze-dried bloodworms don't need to be in the fridge, I've had a container of bloodworms in my fish drawer for just about a year maybe a little longer without it going bad. Unless your talking about frozen bloodworms, then it will need to be in the freezer and will last quite a long time. Although it might depend on the shelf life of the brand.
    If you accidentally drop a bloodworm into the tank and it sinks to the bottom then you can take it out by hand or wait for it to be eaten
  4. Nevaeh BowersNew MemberMember

    The worms are not freeze dried, theyre alive, does that make a difference?
  5. Nevaeh BowersNew MemberMember

    Maybe I should have clarified in my post, the bloodworms Im feeding him are alive. Do you know if that makes any difference?
  6. JamieXPXPWell Known MemberMember

    not that i know of, although keeping them in the fridge will keep them fresh longer and it will be good to give them food every once in awhile as well just to keep them alive longer. all bloodworms cannot be used as their main food as it doesnt have enough nutrients and it is very fatty. but it is possible for them to turn into flies since they are alive but like stated being in the fridge will slow it down

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