Feeding Bettas In Community Tank How Do I

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Suzisuzisuzi, Jun 19, 2019.

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    I have a small tank with a snail, a cory, 2 female bettas, a swordtail, platy and molly. All fish seem to be doing well. The sword, play and molly all usually hang together and the two betta girls are inseparable besties. The cory despite not having a school is acting just like other cories I have observed. I test my water regularly and we're doing well (main problem there is hard water where I live) I'm NOT interested in stocking lectures.

    My pet store assures me that the betta girls will do just fine on tropical fish food but I am skeptical. Anyone here keep similar species in a community tank? If so what do you feed? If you feed different foods for different fish, what do you do to be sure fish eat the right food?
  2. fjhWell Known MemberMember

    The short answer is they will be fine on the food you feed your other fish. It is essentially the same stuff, just in flake or sinking pellet or whatever instead of the specifically labelled "betta food."

    I have a similar setup in one tank (its supposed to me temporarily until I get my other 55g setup, but its been running this way for a few months. i also dont want people to comment on my stocking, thanks!) where I have 2 female bettas, 1 male betta, 2 female guppies, about 15 cory fry, and snails. I use a bunch of different foods, but basically I distract the bettas and gulpies with flakes at tge surface and drop sinking pellets on the other side for the cories. EVERYONE loves the cory food, so I need to make sure the cories get enough to eat. It wont harm the fish to eat eachothers' foods, but make sure everyone gets to eat and nobody hurts themselves eating too much. The only time harm will really come is if you get specific food (like algae wafers) and make that the sole food for some fish (like cories) where there is something lacking in their diet (for instance, because cories are carnivorous, algae wafers dont provide the proper nutrients and proteins and need to be supplemented with something else).

    Variety is key with any tank - if you can, feed different foods from different brands and your fish will be happier. Also since it is summertime, supplimentime with live foods like mosquito larvae will make your tank go crazy.
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    Another alternative would be to get a ring off a Gatorade bottle and let t float on the water and train your betta to eat the pellets in that circle area. If you have trouble with fish stealing the bettas food then feed the other fish first.