Feeding And Best Set Up For Pygmy Corydoras Along With Shrimp

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Hello! I have a 5.5 gal. tank w/ four Anubis plants, three patches of Java Moss as well as driftwood which one of the Java Moss patches and Anubis plants is on. I am using a Mignon 150 Filter and a Zacro heater keeping the tank at 77F. I have a LED light on during the day just to give the plants a little light as my tank is not near an outside light source. (pictures will be included)
I have two Pygmy Corydoras along w/ 7 colored shrimp(not sure what kind exactly). I had 8 yesterday however found one black one dead today(I do believe he was the smallest one out of all 8).
My main questions are: Is my current set up ideal for all life in my tank?
How much as well as how often should I be feeding each type of life in my tank?
Is weekly water changes enough for the amount of life in my tank?
Would it be okay to add one more Pygmy Corydora?
Would it be okay to add more shrimp in my tank?
Could anyone possibly tell me what type of shrimp I have? (2-yellow, 2-red, 2-blue w/ black spots, 1-black)
Would it be okay if I get a Mexican Dwarf Lobster?(THEY ARE SO CUTE)

Any other advice I warmly accept that is regarding anything in my tank that I can improve!

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Even though pygmy cory are small, they are very active fish. A shoal of six and a ten gallon tank are their bare minimum requirements, and even the 10 gallon tank has been hotly debated on this forum for being too small.

If it were me, I would return the cory, and keep just shrimp in a 5 gallon tank.

You can have several more shrimp. But be advised, by mixing colors eventually all the offspring will revert to their natural brown color. This is why most people stick to one color per tank.
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