Feeder Goldfish Rant And Rescue!

Discussion in 'Cyprinids (includes Goldfish)' started by SM1199, May 11, 2019.

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    Time for a rant...

    So earlier this week, there was some sort of everyone's-invited banquet on my college campus, and quite a few of my friends who decided to go posted pictures of how "cute" and "creative" it was that the designers put live goldfish into the small vase centerpieces on every table. Well, of course, at the end they needed somewhere for all the improperly housed fish to go, so they handed them out to students in half-gallon bowls with some strange type of sinking plastic crystal-shaped things (see picture). When I was visiting my friend at her dorm today, she explained how she got these two goldfish, and although she has a thriving 10 gallon guppy tank, she's never quite grasped the importance of the nitrogen cycle and left the goldfish in the bowl since she got them. So here these two goldfish are, in a half gallon bowl, sitting there since Tuesday (five days ago).

    What baffles me is that this school is known for its life science programs, particularly with animals, including fish. We have a whole lab dedicated to caring for and breeding various freshwater and saltwater fish like bettas and clownfish. I knew someone who worked there and they explained how every single tank got tested with a liquid master test every single day and water changes were done on every tank every single day. Yet here we are, putting multiple goldfish in half-gallon bowls!

    Rant aside... I pressured my friend into handing over her goldfish to me, which she was mostly okay with. When I got home, I booted all the fish out of my 20 gallon quarantine (running and cycled for 6ish months) that were in there just for time-out, put them back in the 55 community, and acclimated the goldfish to the 20 gallon qt. They're surprisingly in good shape for what they've been through and are actively scavenging (even though what they're "scavenging" is poop from the previous fish and the tank is otherwise bare).

    I can't keep them for obvious space reasons, and I actually need to downgrade next month due to a move where I'll only be allowed to bring a 10 gallon tank with me. It's unfortunate, because I absolutely adore goldfish, but I just won't have the space. My gameplan is to preventatively treat them for parasites with Levamisole and maybe do some aquarium salt dips for good measure, keep them in this qt for four or so weeks, and then rehome them for free if I can find someone who's got a pond or large goldfish/koi tank. Any other suggestions (or takers)? Thanks for reading!

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    Really glad you snagged up those goldfish and are going to find them a good, suitable home!

    But I actually wanted to add maybe it was a good thing that they (though very improperly) used them as centerpieces because they would have ended up being fed to some other fish or reptile; and now they have an actual chance at thriving somewhere! :)
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    Thanks, and I get what you're saying! My one issue is that they handed them out to students with nothing but half gallon bowls, and 97% of students have no clue how to take care of fish and will just let them die in their own filth eventually. Very few of them even had a chance to thrive - students are also not allowed to keep anything over a 10 gallon in the dorms (which is part of the reason I live off campus). At least as feeders, it would be a swift death.