Feedback On Tidal Filters?

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    CPARKTX Valued Member Member

    For those with the Tidal filters, I would like to hear your experience, particularly around how much media you have been able to run, and any bypass issues.
  2. ashark8me

    ashark8me Valued Member Member

    I have 2 Tidal 6501 (75).

    I like them for the most part. I like the surface skimming capability and the versatile media basket. They are quiet, but I have found that I have to keep the tank really full to avoid "waterfall" noise, which I don't like much. YMMV on that one. Normally I like to run a tank with the water level just above the bottom of the trim, but for this one to be near silent I have to run it much higher.

    I don't run a ton of media in them. I have them on a 125 that does not require a ton of filtration. I use the purigen that comes with them, or sometimes carbon if I want that, sometimes floss, sometimes poly pad.....whatever I feel like I need. The media basket is so versatile you could do whatever you wanted.

    I find that I don't have bypass problems unles I am trying to catch particulate and whatever filter I am using gets full. Then it does start to bypass some. I don't view it as a major issue.

    Personally for my this is probably my favorite HOB that I've ever used.