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I haven't posted a reminder about this in awhile, so...
go to www.Freerice.org
For those who don't know what this is, it's a website that has simple little learning games. For every question you get right, you "donate" ten grains of rice. Funding is provided by the ads that are on every page (if you see something that seems even remotely interesting, click on the ads. This helps maintain the site as viable to the advertisers.)
For those who have seen it before but haven't been there in awhile, they're expanding their list of games. They have fine art, English grammar, mathematics, table of elements, geography, French, Spanish, and a couple of others, as well.
So do someone a favor, waste ten minutes, twenty minutes, or a few hours, and learn some new words.

Edit: I am not affiliated with Freerice. I just think it's loads of fun and is a good thing to do at the same time. I have done some fact checking, and FreeRice has been verified as "true" by Snopes, and the UN World Food Programme refers to them as a huge source of donation, so it really is legit.
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