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Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by jersey, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. jersey

    jersey Valued Member Member

    ok so this may be a stupid question but ive read that they are cichlids and i was wondering are they supposed to eat chichlid food? if so can other tropical fish eat their food.. and i was wondering what hikari food would i feed to normal fish that are not bottom feeders and are bigger than neons etc.. also a lot of my stores are having a hard time getting in the hikari brands and what would the next best food be to feed my guys.
  2. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    All the fish in my 45 GBR community tank eat the cichlid food. It's higher in protien, so I also feed wafers and other foods. If I feed multiple types of food, they all eat the cichlid pellets over the wafers or flake, so i generally feed one type of food at a time.
  3. OP

    jersey Valued Member Member

    ok now that i know its ok to feed my fish the cichlid food how do i "fish" through the many types out there what are the differences even just looking at the variety hikari offers im lost haha. anyway i do feed a variety of things i have freeze dried bloodworms and tubifex worms that noone likes..and algea discs for the pleco

    whats another top brand of fish food to look for?
  4. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I get my fishfood online. Most of my meaty foods are hikari, but I use New Life Spectrum garlic flakes as well as NLS pellets. Also, I feed hikari microwafers and algae wafers.

    I would not recommend the micropellets or any small pellet unless you have a sand substrate.
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