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Fed Betta Freeze Dried Food Omg

Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by SUZYWAN72, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. SUZYWAN72New MemberMember

    I just got my crown tail yesterday I fed her 1 time , I pinky swear I only gave her 3 bites worth of freeze dried bone shrimp and now she looks like a hot air balloon what have I done to my princess , I've cried all night long how can I help her and what did I do wrong pkease help me...I will be devastated if I'm the reason she.....I cant even say it ..all suggestions are welcome
    Ty so much
    Suzy bff49c25b49dfa98ceefe30a10931a4c.jpg42810624d6f43e2e998fe60b9e9080c4.jpge43dee355768ab7c54df74984573d63e.jpg
  2. Zigi ZigWell Known MemberMember

  3. georgelee1000Well Known MemberMember

    How did you freeze dried food? You should soak it in tank water for 5 mins before feeding. They do expand. So your 3 bites is prob way larger than you thought. Fast her for 2-3 days and feed deshelled sweat green beans on d3/4. She should be alright.
  4. SUZYWAN72New MemberMember

    Ty yes I have green beans thawing now, I bought the freeze dried food, and like you said, I was advised to soak the food, I did, and I took the food and chopped it up into tiny pieces , I believe I'm doing it right but maybe I'm just not meant to be a betta moma
  5. georgelee1000Well Known MemberMember

    Their stomach is around the size of their eyeball. So yea, it’s really easy to overfeed. As long as he doesn’t develop swim bladder, he should recover very fast. Finger crossed.
  6. imbaWell Known MemberMember

    hmm .... do not feed her for 4-5 days and see whether it improves first and foremost
  7. K3ls0New MemberMember

    I know it looks really scary when their bellies get so big from over feeding. I agree with everyone’s recommendations to fast and then feed a shelled pea.

    I just wanted to put in that I’ve had bettas get enormous bellies (I keep a sorority so sometimes it’s hard to keep food evenly distributed) and they’ve recovered just fine with some time to digest and careful watching. You’ve come to the right place and are getting advice to feed better in the future.

    I’ve found my fish bounce back quickly after overindulging. Keep an eye on your betta for swimming trouble but just keeping in pristine water and giving the digestive system time to work through it can really do the trick. Best of luck and deep breaths! You’ll make a great betta momma yet!
  8. BeaurgardValued MemberMember

    As a pretty experienced betta keeper, this happens. It's much easier to stop it from happening when you keep them by themselves but as a community tank betta keeper it's almost unavoidable. Pigggy phishy is piggy,k? my betta will try to eat anything he terms as food reguardless of size. I don't soak my pleco food cause he would eat it all u. A far as they eyeball or a stomach, this is very true. Do the fasting, if the belly doesn't appear to go down in 24 hours, try the pea/S
  9. TryhovaNew MemberMember

    Beautiful fish :)