Feb. 11th GCAS swap meet

Discussion in 'Forum Announcements/Suggestions' started by dahly, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. dahlyValued MemberMember


    Read all about it!
  2. jim55379Valued MemberMember

    hmmmm ??? I clicked on this link and it brought me right back here. :-\
  3. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Are you going? I would LOVE to go, but it's a bit of a drive for me. :mad:
  4. dahlyValued MemberMember

    I went and it was very good. Tanks, filters, rock, gravel, fish, everything you need for this hobby at incredible prices. I bought two filters (Aqua Clear 200, 300) and two Java Ferns. I am using the 200 on my Multi tank and moved my whisper back to the 29 to work with my other 200. So, I have a 300 and 500 sitting in the basement with 70+ pounds of TX Holey rock just waiting for a 75 gallon home. ;) Dino didn't make it as there was supposed to be a snow storm; that never happened. Cincinnati roads with even a little snow is not something I recommend for anyone. Heck, they close schools with just the threat of snow. The Swap was a great success for the GCAS. The Auction will be April 8th and should be great!

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