Fawn Melania?

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Collected these guys from a local water source, was wondering if anyone had a proper ID. As far as I can tell, they look like Fawns, which are relatives of Red-Rimmed Melania, aka MTS or Melanoides tuberculata. Call it what you wish.

Fawn Melania are Melanoides turricola for anyone wondering the connection. I have a few pics, these guys a BIG compared to MTS, I have a comparison pic.

not the biggest, the biggest of them is 2 segments of my finger and its foot is the size of my fingertip.

Some also have this white color on them. Most have a dark Orange tint with dark striping.

I already have some itty bitty babies roaming the tank, it would appear that the fawns are parthenogetic. They came with some fairy moss I collected and a hitchhiking fry that's either a LargeMouth Bass or a tilapia x_x who will be dealt with properly(the tilapia fry tank is empty.)

edit: I should add, they also have the same exact night dwelling personalities of MTS, they try to hide in the gravel during the day, and come out at night. Ive seen one eat a dead ghost shrimp, just 1. That's a +
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Interesting find. I want to say it looks like a Melanoides Oliver or Tarebia granifera. It could be Melanoides tuberculata but I doubt it. Here's a good link that will help you identify snails (I'm assuming you live in Florida.
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lol that's the link I used . Its confusing me -___- Deffinetly not Tarebia granifera, too smooth, no ridges at all.
The only reason I'm thinking turricola is because it was in a fast moving water zone and its so big, not to mention they are suppose to be everywhere. Even still, it doesn't quite match up. I took 2 pics that may help.

Note the awesome coloration.

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;D Awesome coloration noted. I'll go snooping through my snail archives and see what I can dig up
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Truth be told, I bet you if I looked up in the black water areas or in the still pools more towards the back of the stream system id find MTS...oh yes, I will do some searching.

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