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What is your favorite type of Movie?

  1. Romance

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  2. Horror

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  3. Historical/Documentary

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  4. Comedy

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  5. Drama

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  6. Musical

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  7. Classic/Old Movies

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  8. Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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  1. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    Vote on your favorite types of movies above and tell us what specific movies you like below. Throw in the names of your Favorite TV shows if you want :)

    My Favorite Movies are:

    American History X
    Saw and Saw II
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    Forrest Gump
    The Terminal
    Good Will Hunting
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Monster In Law

    My Favorite Shows are:

    The Sopranos (hence most of the names of my Fish lol)
    Lost (hence the names of my glass cats, lol, I am a dork)
    King OF Queens
    Everybody Loves Raymond
    American Idol

    I know there are more.. So hard to pick faves!!!
  2. RoboDudeValued MemberMember

    Horror beats ALL!

  3. ParvathNew MemberMember

    The thirteenth floor
    Shawshank redemption
    Mission impossible
    50 First dates
    King Kong

    Americas funniest videos
    Family guy
    Law and Order SVU

  4. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    AHHH i forgot about the shawshank redemption.. Very Very good movie

    Here's some more I like:

    Clerks (with Jay and Silent Bob, and Dante, lol)
    O Brother Where Art Thou?


  5. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Haha, I like this post :)

    Well, I really watch all kinds of movies and programs/shows. But if I had to choose specifically, for some reason I like movies that really are deep and meaningful - ones that you don't forget, perhaps dramas or dramas combined with some other genre, or historical movies. This is not to say that I don't like comedies because I do. But I am very picky with comedies, so they better be good if I am to watch them, lol. As for fantasies, I am not really into them, unless it's also some really good adventure movie worth watching. I love to watch scary movies/horrors/thrillers!!! lol Hmm, some romantic comedies and some romantic movies are OK too ... depends OK, enough.

    OK here is a list of some of my favorite movies (all genres): My Big Fat Greek Wedding (my favorite comedy ever!), Million Dollar Baby (Hillary rocks!), Pride And Prejudice, Spanglish, Troy, Around The World In 80 Days (lol), The Day After Tomorrow, Fahrenheit 9/11, King Arthur, The Notebook, The Phantom Of The Opera (the only musical I like), Beyond Borders, Gothika (good thriller!), The House Of The Spirits, Captain Corelli's Mandolin (beautiful Italian movie), House Of Sand and Fog, The Pianist (loved the movie - very well played), Schindler's List, The Last Samurai, Mystic River (Sean Penn is great in this movie), The Affair Of The Necklace, Legends Of The Falls, Man In The Iron Mask, A Beautiful Mind, Wuthering Heights, Pearl Harbor, Gladiator, The Patriot, What Lies Beneath (a great thriller), The Jacket, Anna And The King (a lot like a fairy tale, but I liked it nevertheless, lol), The Red Violin, Snow Falling On Cedars, Cold Mountain, The Passion Of Christ, The Road Home (beautiful Chinese movie), The Piano (loved it!), the old "Dirty Dancing" (who can foregt that?), Maria Full Of Grace, The Bodyguard, Braveheart, A Walk In The Clouds, Contact, Monster's Ball, Great Expectations, Dances With The Wolves, Face/Off, True Lies (great comedy), Scarlet Letter, Forest Gump, Charlotte Gray, Devil's Advocate, Unfaithful ...

    LOL, OK those were "some" of my favorites, haha. And TV shows that I like are: Planet's Funniest Animals, America's Funniest Videos, Scare Tactics, Da Ali G's show, Trigger Happy TV, MAD TV ... plus whatever is on Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, and History Channel.
  6. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    P.S. I also like Court TV!
  7. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    LOL court TV is definately good. :)

    From your list, i love:

    My big fat greek wedding (that was very funny)
    MILLION DOLLAR BABY ROCKED! i forgot about that one
    Legends of the fall (I think probably my favorite Brad Pitt movie. Plus I love indians. My fave part was when during the whole movie, he couldn't put the gun together, but at the end, he put it together at just the right time, didn't he?? lol my fave part)
    Pearl Harbor
    What Lies Beneath (you are right, that is a great thriller ;))

    I read the book of the Notebook (nicholas sparks is my fave writer, but never seen the movie.)

    I just remembered some more really good ones, lol:

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith
    Cinderella Man (oh I cried so hard at the beginning of that one)
  8. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Oh, and I just remembered "Sense and Sensibility" (in addition to the above "Pride and Prejudice" and "Wuthering Heights"). For some reason I love classical movies, and English classics are among the best in my opinion. I have read all of these: Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, and Emma.

    EmpPleco, I also like Native American themes - there's something alluring about them, isn't there?
  9. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    jane eyre is one of my favorite books :) havent seen the movie though -- didn't even know tere was one.

    Most definately :)
  10. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    I like comedies that let you forget about your troubles for a few minutes. Some of my favorites are:

    The Burbs
    The Incredibles
    Blue Brothers
    All the Friday movies
    Lady Killers

    I have so much stress in my everyday life that any movies with serious drama which includes tragedy just make me feel bad and I don't want to watch that. I have enough drama on a daily basis. 8)
  11. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    That's true Gunnie :)

    Some days you just want to forget about everything that happened that day ;)

    My fiancee watches Blues Brothers so many times LOL I feel like I know every line of that movie by heart lol
  12. JonWell Known MemberMember

    definately comedy... sry but i cant stand horror... all horror movies deserve to be shot... i wish i could round up all horror movie producers and just kill them... i cant stand horror... worst genre ever.
  13. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    Why Jon?

    I agree to an extent, because some horror movies are a little corny, but some are really done well :)
  14. JasonWell Known MemberMember

    Action/ Sci Fi/ Fantasy for me. Favourite movie is Police Story (Jackie Chan) and others by Jackie Chan like Rush Hour, Shanhai Noon & Who am I. All Star Wars films, Terminator films and others cant think off. Also the classics Toy Story, Finding Nemo etc..

    Favourite TV shows at da moment: Lost, Prison Break, Futurama and the One and Only SIMPSONS! ;)
  15. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    ohh i found another lost fan!!!!!!!!!!!! that show is just too awesome! it gets better every episode. wo is ur fave character (off of lost)?
  16. AnnaEAValued MemberMember

    I enjoy dramas, foreign/art films, some horror (the genre is rarely done well), some comedy (again, rarely done well), and sci-fi/fantasy.

    Some of my favorite films are:

    Pride and Prejudice - the original mini series with Colin Firth, not the new film. This new one is pretty crummy - it just sort of moseys along when it should be snapping and crackling.

    A Midsummer Night's Dream - the 90's version in the Edwardian setting - lovely lovely adaptation.

    The Incredibles.

    Eat Drink Man Woman and Tortilla Soup. These are the same film, directed by the same director, adapted and re-written in two different cultural perspectives(Chinese and Mexican) -- both are excellent films, and watching them together is *amazing*. Ang Lee rocks.

    The Shipping News.

    Labyrinth and The Princess Bride - classic fantasy films.
  17. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    Haven't seen any of them, but heard really good things from a couple in your list..

    although I don't know why but when you said tortilla soup, it reminded me of the move "Fried Green Tomatos"

    That is a good movie too. But i'm sure WAY off in the genres, lol

    the incredibles is that cartoon right? was that better than toy story?
  18. AnnaEAValued MemberMember

    Incredibles is a cartoon, yeah -- It and Toy Story are both by Pixar. Pixar really makes the best animated films, though I'm a little worried they may be breaking that record with this one 'Cars' they are releasing this summer.

    Personally, I liked the Incredibles better then I liked Toy Story --- but I think they are both equally good films. I just prefer the super-hero genre to the 'talking toys' genre. ;)

    I forgot Fried Green Tomatoes! I like that film a great deal - Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy are both wonderful.
  19. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    Yes I liked Kathy and Jessica as well :)

    I'll have to see the incredibles, because i've heard from so many people that it's one of the best, but haven't made my way to blockbuster yet, lol

    anywho -- im not so sure that "cars" will be as good as some people think.... Maybe i'm way off of what will actually happen, but that's just MO. I think it looks stupid lol
    I do want to see Ice Age too

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