Favorite Low Tech Plants?

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Wondering what everyone’s favorite low tech plants are. Feel free to mention any high tech plants as well!
Have only ever had some anacharis, windelov java ferns, and moss balls; but of the 3 my favorite is the java.(also what I currently have but am looking to branch out as well)

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I have java ferns and moss balls. I just ordered some jungle val because it looks like it might be a nice background plant. Have no experience with it yet. The java ferns so far have done great. No real complaints.

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Actually planning on getting some jungle Val, Anubias, dwarf sagittaria subulata, and maybe some other miscellaneous plants for my new tank.(plans aren’t set in stone though)
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I like java ferns for their complete ease of care, but my favorite would likely be a dwarf Lilly. I do like buces as well.
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My go to are Anubias, Crypts and Swords.


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I actually don't do as well with java ferns as I'd like. They keep going into bloom on me instead of making njce tall leaves. I get clumps of shorter leaves, about 3-4" and then those sprout little java fern plantlets off of them .

But my favorite low tech plants are jungle valisneria. They just spread so easy for me. I love how long the leaves get.
Then there's dwarf water lettuce. Float it on the surface and you're done. No ferts needed. Doesnt spread super fast. Has pretty leaves and I love seeing the angelfish weaving through the root structure.

If you wanted faster growing floaters then dwarf salvinia is so easy I consider it a weed. It'll take over the entire top of a tank in a couple weeks. The two tanks I have it in I am constantly scooping cups of it out to toss. It just grows so fast.

I love the big leaves of amazon swords. I love watching my loaches sit on the big leaves and play with them. And they are actually super easy to care for. Stick in substrate, provide light, stick a single root tab under the roots once every couple months? That takes like five seconds. So easy.

Hornwort is not a favorite of mine but it is super easy to grow. Its a floating plant. Just drop it in the tank and let it go. I don't like how much it sheds the tiny little hair-like leaves it has. So much vaccing to get that up and it just kept dropping more.

Guppy grass (aka naja grass) has been a much better floating plant for me. Not quite as fast a grower as hornwort but still very fast, and I like the look of it more. Also it doesn't constantly shed little leaves everywhere. So much cleaner as a plant. Again, super easy care, drop in tank and let it go because its a floating plant. Grab out handfuls when there is too much. No ferts or any special lighting needed. All of my tanks use Nicrew leds off amazon. They're cheap and they work.

Anacharis. This can be left floating or planted. I like the look more planted personally. It also feeds off the water column so no ferts needed. When it gets long, pinch off a piece that is at leaat three inches long and plant it, itll keep growing. Super easy.

Stargrass - the only real stem plant here, but I find it grows super easy for me. Stick the stem in the substrate, add a root tab and watch it grow. When it gets close to the surface, cut the stem to half its height. Replant the top piece and it'll grow too.
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Water Wisteria grows prolifically well. Probably the fastest growing plant I have ever had. I have had Amazon Swords and Anubias Nana plants. Most of my plants have come from Petsmart. I just buy their cheap, easy to care for plants.
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I like the looks of apogetenon? Time will tell if my bulbs will survive long enough to grow. It's my first attempt with bulbs and I bought a betta pack or whatever.
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Red tiger lotus is a great plant that is an easy red colored plant to grow. Gives the low tech planted tank color other than greens.

Stargrass is another easy fast growing plant that is green but gets a purplish hue to it.

I like all the others mentioned above too, but these 2 stand out for me.
Mr Clown Loach
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java ferns, anubias, bucephlandra and crypts are my top favourite low light plants. I sort of like hornwort but can live without it lol

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