Fat Danio sitting on bottom


I have had 4 gold ring Danios for about a month all seem active and healthy one is a lil larger than the others and very fat. I think its a female getting ready to drop eggs she has always been chubbier but she is just very fat in comparison to the others the past couple days. I came home tonight to see her sitting on the bottom of the tank pretty much motionless. I tapped the glass to make sure she was alive and she swam around a bit rested behind a log for a few seconds and then started swimming around again like normal. Water parameters are all good. I feed once a day at night hakirI micro pellets and then bloodworms every few days. I also drop algae pellets and shrimp pellets in for my cories every other day which the danios love to try and get their share of after they are done with their own food. her appetite seems as good as ever but should I be concerned about constipation or eggs not coming out? currently looks like normal behavior swimming and trying to get at some algae wafer. not sure if I should be worried but I've never seen a danio sit still let alone sit on the bottom so I was a bit concerned.


See if you can get her to eat a bit of green pea. I feed my fish canned, rinsed, green peas about once a week. If she's constipated this will help and is good for your other fish as well. Just barely mash the pea before putting in the tank.


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