fat and happy or about to lay eggs?

  1. kidster9700 Well Known Member Member

    i have a REALLY fat otto... not sure if she(i like to think it's a girl) is ready to lay eggs or if she's just really fat? she was chubby like this before i fed theman algae wafer(which my molly ate most of, anyways)
    i'll post a picture in a second.
  2. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    How much and how often are you feeding them? How many ottos do you have?

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  4. kidster9700 Well Known Member Member

    i have five ottos, and i generally drop an algae wafer in about once a week, so it's been awhile since i last fed them. i feed my other fish flakes every day, though.

    edit: not the whole wafer, about half. because they're quarter sized

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  6. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure about pregnancy but I'd say you are way UNDER feeding them. I'd be putting in a whole wafer every day, at least. If they didn't finish the wafer after several hours, I'd try a half. But 5 ottos need more than what you're providing.

    Edit: sorry, if your tank has a lot of algae, and they are eating it, then I wouldn't feed every day, but likely once every second day. :)
  7. kidster9700 Well Known Member Member

    really? i thought they would be fine with all the algae in my tank (the only place it could be put is near our sliding glass door, so it gets a decent amount of sunlight)

  8. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    OK, well I would do trial and error. Basically, I would drop a wafer in every second day and if there are leftovers after say, 4 hours (I give algae eaters/bottom dwellers much more time to consume their food) then try a half every second day, until you find there are no leftovers.

    However, if you think they are are all eating well on the algae, and there is plenty of it for all of them, then I would just use the wafers as supplemental, still, every second or even third day. Its good to vary the diet with different types of algae. :)

    Unfortunately, I just don't know what a pregnant otto looks like, so I guess you are no further ahead! Hopefully someone who does will come along and venture a guess.

    If anything, waiting could determine the answer. :) It could just be a very hungry boy!

    So I just read about ottos and breeding and they are avery much like cories in this way.
    So, if she is full of eggs you may soon see her swimming around across the glass, over plants with male following behind her!
  9. kidster9700 Well Known Member Member

    haha, they do this all the time anyways.
  10. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Hmm, well, maybe she is full of eggs. Keep an eye out for them. ;)

  11. kidster9700 Well Known Member Member

    still pretty fat, but i don't have time to watch them 24/7. i wish i could!
  12. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Wait and see. Check the glass, plants/deco etc., for tiny little eggs sticking to them. I see my cories cleaning leaves and swimming across the glass a lot, but I have never witnessed laying. Its just all of a sudden theres a dozen eggs or more scattered in groups of 4 or 5 all over the tank! :)
  13. kidster9700 Well Known Member Member

    what do they look like?
  14. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Funny enough, they just some last night! I didn't take any pics though, before I took them off and put them into a separate tank to hatch.

    But I do have some older pics I'll find for you . . .
    Ok heres one of a ton of eggs I collected off of the glass, and plants, and I put then in a breeder net. They later hatched and escaped - all were consumed by dante the angel - except ONE lol (who is now apart of his growing family) ;)

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  15. can haz catfishies? Member Member

    From what I have seen with my ottos you have a female full of eggs but they are meant to be pretty hard to actually breed, look out for the male following her and if I am right you will see the male form a tshape with the female as they spawn (but don't quote me on that)
  16. amber0107 Well Known Member Member

    Mine looked very "fat" and then played "tag" with one of the males and then one day I saw babies on the glass. I never saw the eggs, so I just let them do their thing and I have 9 babies that survived. FYI: My otos LOVE zucchini, so if you haven't tried it, you might and see if they enjoy it.
  17. kidster9700 Well Known Member Member

    she's still fat, but i have seen her and some of my smaller ottos(i assume to be the boys) swimming around. i doubt any of the eggs would hatch considering that i just got some ghost shrimp. maybe they won't eat them?
  18. amber0107 Well Known Member Member

    My mystery snails left them alone, but I've never had any shrimp, so I can't say for sure. I know of some people who when they've seen the eggs on the leaves, they break off a leaf and move it into a net or a separate tank. I didn't do that, but I didn't have a chance since they hatched before I was aware of any eggs.
  19. kidster9700 Well Known Member Member

    well all my plants are plastic/silky so i can't break off leaves.
  20. amber0107 Well Known Member Member

    Scissors? :) I just found new babies in my tank that somehow survived mystery snails and a gourami, so chances are a few might make it if they do lay eggs somewhere. I only see two tiny ones compared to 8 from last time, so obviously not as many made it.