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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by AnglerTheStrangler, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    Hi everyone,
    So my Betta has had an ongoing issue with what looks like swim bladder disorder. He can swim to the top and bottom but kinda has a hard time turning. Last time it seemed to be bad I did the blanched pea thing and it seemed to help. So anyways last night it seemed like he was having trouble swimming again so I didn't feed him and today I gave him some pea and fasted him. My question is should I start feeding him his pellets again tomorrow morning? Will he be ok with just the pea today or should I feed him tonight? Thanks in advance for any help on the matter.

  2. fjh Well Known Member Member

    If he seems better by tomorrow night, you can give him a pellet or two then. Honestly it wouldn't hurt to wait a day or two more though, so wait until he is totally past this episode of swim bladder to feed him again.

    However, if he has continuous problems with this, you are likely over feeding him. I would halve the amount you feed for the next week, and take note of his behavior/if he has any more problems.

  3. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it. So it's almost been 48 hours and he's definitely doing better. I definitely am going to wait until tonight to feed him again but just curious.. he won't starve or anything right? I just want to make sure that I don't starve him to death.

  4. TheFishGirl Valued Member Member

    What type of betta is he though? Larger finned betta's are prone to spine curving in an S shape and swim bladder and just difficulty swimming in general.
  5. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Nope, he won't starve! Think of it like when you have the flu... are you okay skipping a few meals?
    Practically all fish can go a week+ without food, and lots of fish keepers fast their fish weekly even if there aren't any problems.
  6. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    Yeah he's a double tail/long tail Betta. He doesn't have a S shape spine, at least if he does it's not that bad. Yeah since I got him though he's always kind of had a little harder time swimming then my other Bettas.

    Yeah that makes sense.. he definitely seems to have more energy today so I hope it's a result of the pea/fasting.

    By the way that's him in my profile picture.. :)
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  7. Raimy101 New Member Member

    Your betta may have an issue with his swim bladder due to the fact that he is a double tail. Double tailed bettas have a shortened body that tends to give them a smaller bladder due a genetic defect that gives them the double tail gene.

    Avoid over feeding and the occasional fasting day is one of the best way to manage and prevent SBD in double tails bettas
  8. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    I'm pretty sure he's a double tail..but I've seen some rose tails that look similar to him too. Anybody happen to know maybe what type he is?


    That's really interesting, it makes sense though. Thank you for that info! :)
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  9. Raimy101 New Member Member

    20160120_184359-1.jpg Definitely a double tail betta.
    Here is a pic of one of my boys when i first got him. He was malnourished and you can see through him and how compressed their body tends to be
  10. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    Wow! That's so crazy! How's he doing now? So the hard part is when it comes to feeding what's too much and what's not enough. Like 2 pellets a day seems like not enough but 4 pellets a day seems like maybe too much for him. That's been his regular diet. 2 soaked pellets in the morning and 2 at night mixed with frozen bloodworms and broke shrimp a couple days a week. I'm just trying to find a medium we're he won't starve but won't be over fed either..
  11. BravetheBetta Well Known Member Member

    DTs don't have the strongest bodies, so it's quite understandable that he can't turn very well haha.

    All my betta fast once a week. I swear they give me the evil eyes each time, but hey, what're they gonna do about it? After fasting day is when I feed bloodworms in the morning (to alleviate my guilt) and then brine shrimp in the night time (for pooping).

    When it comes to the amount, for me, it depends on your betta's activity. Lilac, for example, will get 2 pellets twice a day because he's dainty and not the most active. Mama, on the other hand (and I know I'll get crucified for this) will get 5-6 twice a day purely based on the fact that she literally never stops moving. She's still real slim despite all that food and she poops just fine!
    I get that their stomachs are the size of their eyeballs, but sometimes, you just gotta eyeball it. Would never feed more than 3-4 for a DT, though.

    @Raimy101 Your DT plakat hurts me, he's so pretty!
  12. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    That's all really good to know. My plakat is the same as Mama as he never stops! Haha all day he's just exploring. Anyways Fred seems to be doing a lot better. I really appriciate all your guys feedback, you have been very helpful. Brave do you mind me asking what kind of pellets you use? It's kind of been an ongoing thing for me to find some good pellets but I found a brand called NorthFin and they make a product called "Betta Bits" and it's really quality pellets. Before that I was using Omega One which are good but they are so big.. anyways just curious as to what you feed yours.
  13. fjh Well Known Member Member

    So how is your betta doing?
  14. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    He's doing so much better. I fed him 3 pellets total today. Is that enough? Am I underfeeding him?
  15. fjh Well Known Member Member

    I don't think 3 pellets is under feeding him. If you feel bad about the amount he eats, try 2 in the morning, 2 in the evening or something like that. I used to feed my guy 1 pellet in the morning, 1 at night. However, it also depends on the size of the pellet etc... I would feed him about half the size of his eyeball twice a day.
  16. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    Ok awesome thank you. What type of pellets do you use? I'm trying to get some opinions on what people like for Betta formulated pellets.

    That last reply was for you..
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  17. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Ahh of the top of my head... I forget :/ I think my staple was the Omega one pellets, but I can check tomorrow.
    Basically, any brand is acceptable so long as you supplement with other foods.
  18. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    Yeah Omega One is definitely a good one. Would you recommend frozen brine shrimp some people say they have a laxative quality.
  19. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Well... to be honest I've never fed my fish frozen brine shrimp. I have a constant supply of live mosquito larvae in my back yard, so why not use the fresh stuff instead? ;D
    I do sometimes freeze blood worms in a cube of water though, then let the frozen cube float around my tank. My fish will peck at it until they can get the blood worms out, plus it dispenses the food slowly lol.
    A favorite of my fish is if I spear a (human grade) shrimp in the tank. I usually take the tail pieces or parts people don't like to eat, and take a bamboo skewer to it and prop it up in my tank. Ive never fed this to a betta, but my other fish go mad and swarm it lol.
    So... I've never used FROZEN brine SHRIMP, but my fish love FROZEN blood worms and whole skewered SHRIMPS. Lol plus a lot of other foods, especially vegetables.
  20. AnglerTheStrangler Well Known Member Member

    Oh nice! Good to know! I really want to get my hands on some mosquito larvae. I know Bettas love that stuff. Have you ever tried the blanched pea method on your fish? For constipation or prevention of?..