Fasting Betta 1 Day A Week

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by bluepixie, Jul 31, 2018.

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    Do you do it and why or why not? Do they fast in the wild outside of drought conditions or conditions that are subpar..I imagine in the wild food is abundant and they eat many times a day so why in captivity. I started fasting them today...have to say I don't really like it...I know it's to "clear out their system" but they say the same goes for humans that it's good for us but fasting for myself does nothing positive for me but stress me's feels much better to eat healthy imho so wouldn't it be the same for them? No? Why so? They seem desperate for food today...

    Best natural healthy foods for them recommendations?

    Feeding them fruit flies and pellets atm

  2. Repolie Well Known Member Member

    I don't fast because if they're passing things fine, there's no reason to and because they aren't natural. They were created by us through inbreeding and they're domesticated, no longer wild. I'm sure there would be seasons where food is scarce and they miss a few meals (for wild bettas). I imagine them like some breeds of dogs, domesticated and created by us. You wouldn't go fasting a chihuahua would you? I know dogs and fish are different, but this is my opinion. I just underfeed my bettas instead. Live foods are always the best food, but it can be hard to maintain and find. I find Grindal Worms are very easy to keep. The next best things are frozen foods such as bloodworms, brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp. Good start to a diet, more variety is more healthier.
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    I don't currently have a betta but when I did I fasted it once a week. He got a pea on a Friday then fast on Saturday then frozen blood worms on Sunday. I feed him a lot of frozen foods along with some freeze dried foods and he only got pellets once or twice a week just to make sure he had all the nutrients he needed. I gave him frozen blood worms, daphnia, white worms, black worms and brineshrimp and freeze dried daphnia, tubifex and blood worms. I think variety is the most important thing. Anyway that went a bit off topic but yeah I fasted him once a week.
  4. Dch48 Well Known Member Member

    I currently am not fasting my Betta. His staple foods are BugBites Tropical and Hikari Betta Bio-Gold pellets. He only gets like 4 pieces total once or twice a day. Once a week he gets some frozen Bloodworms instead of the pellets and some days he gets a little crumbled Omega One flakes or TetraMin flakes with crumbled freeze dried bloodworm added. He only gets very small portions and never gets anything like peas. The Bug Bites actually contain peas. I also do not presoak anything. I put shrimp pellets in for my Mystery snail and the fish always manages to steal little pieces of them. The same goes for small pieces of Pleco wafer. I never put any fresh veggies in because everybody ignores them including my Nerite snail.
  5. midna Well Known Member Member

    i do fast my betta once a week. i just ignore his begging lol. sometimes i'll give in and give him a single bug bite for the day. i'm afraid of him getting constipated or dropsy because it takes so little for him to get a big belly. i do feed him daphnia once or twice a week though.

    i think fasting is fine, but not absolutely necessary: if you want to do it, you just gotta tough it out with your betta. fasting with your betta would be interesting lol but yeah i don't like fasting myself. my dad fasts for up to 4 or 5 days a couple times a month but he's used to burning fat while i'm not.
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    I own betta’s (3) soon to be 8 and I have NEVER fasted them for no reasons. There is no point and it just makes your betta sad and stressed. In the wild they will hunt everyday. Unless he is sick I would say no to fasting. For food I feed mine 3 Betta Pellets and a freeze dried bloodworm twice a day. It gives them the nutritional value they need and keeps them happy. I bred betta’s once (I will never do it again) but I started feeding the fry this around 1 oe 2 months old and they colored up FAST and grew there fins FAST.