Fastest Way To Deactivate Chlorine From Tap Water?

  1. f

    fishmaster Initiate Member

    I was wondering if you knew the fastest and easiest way to deactivate chlorine from tap water so I can perform partial water changes. and any other tips you might have about water changing.  Also is it true that if you leave tap water sit for 24 hours that the chlorine will deactivate? thanks.
  2. Mike

    Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Most likely you will have chlorine and chloramine in your tap water. Letting the water sit for 24 hours may deactivate the chlorine but it won't deactivate the chloramine. I usually use Aquasafe because it is readily available at many of the fish stores and not too expensive. Aquasafe will deactivate both the chlorine and the chloramine. I use a python for my water changes and after removing the desired amount of old water from the tank and before I refill with tap water, I put the right amount of aquasafe in the tank and then refill. I also turn off the tank (filters) when performing maintenance so that most of the debris gets vaccuumed out and is not filtered out. When refilling make sure that the temperature of the tap water is as close as possible to the tank temperature so that you cause as little stress as possible to your fish.