Fastest Way To Cycle A Tank???

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Nicole B, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. Nicole BValued MemberMember

    We currently have a 10 gallon with 3 mollies, 2 fry and 4 snails....
    We upgraded because we know we are overstocked but it was by accident from our LPS.

    We just bought a 20 gallon high tank. We plan to move our media over to the 20 by using 2 filters and the substrate. But adding some more new rocks.

    Will that instantly cycle our new tank or what else do we need to do??
    Any help is appreciated :)
  2. GreekGillsValued MemberMember

    The cycled media in the filter is the most important part. Substrate, rocks and decorations will help as well.
  3. Lissi KatValued MemberMember

    Transferring the filters should do the job seeing as you're not increasing the stock the filters are capable of handling the existing bio load. Which theoretically will actually be smaller cos it's got twice the water volume to be diluted in.
  4. Nicole BValued MemberMember

    Would we beable to add in more fish eventually? We aren’t very knowledgeable when it comes to stocking.
  5. Lissi KatValued MemberMember

    Yeah sure I don't see why not. I'm sure those mollies will do that for you in time tho haha! I'd say just keep an eye on your parameters see if your tank can handle the load.add fish slowly so the bb has a chance to process extra waste. Adding live plants is also a great way of helping your tank out they like to eat the nitrates your bb make for can always add a bigger filter too as in a canister that also gives you extra water volume just remember to put your old filter media in it to keep your bb. And always look into the adult size of a fish what you see in your lfs are usually babies and they can grow to be massive.happens alot with common plecos,clown loaches,Oscar's and common gold fish or koi so always research :) good luck!

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