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  1. Slark

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    my goldfishes had lice before 2 weeks and I killed it with powder given by LPS and changed water after 48 hours as said. I also done 100% water change with all stones,filter,plants etc placed in direct sunlight but now after 2 weeks lic has comeback don't know how but ...Please HELP!!
  2. Summer22

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    here's a link

    Goldfish Lice Treatment

    Did you add "wild" plants or a new goldfish to the group after the first infestation? Both could cause it or you just didn't get rid of it well enough the first time and it's the same batch reproducing. This is a long shot but did you put your pieces in the sun directly on grass in the sun? It said in link that you can get lice from introducing wild plants from outside to tank...would regular grass also have potential to hold these lice like the "wild plants"??? Just a thought but a long shot.

    A little off topic but did you place your filter outside out of water? If so there's a very good chance you lost your cycle (good bacteria live on media in filter and die if not kept moist).
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    I have plastic plants and yes I kept all filter media in direct sunlight on cement with others. I used API Stress Zyme to recover bacteria
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    I would guess its the same batch as before and i would just treat it agian but probably try something different
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    ok then just a heads up, if your tank had been cycled there's a chance that you lost it. Test your water parameters to be sure.