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Discussion in 'Catfish' started by tpasser2, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. tpasser2Valued MemberMember

    I am treating my tank for ich and did a WC earlier today when adding Tetra Parasite Guard tablet. My Farlowella is acting kind of weird, like staying toward the top edge of the tank and now he is upside down (almost with nose pointing into the substrate) in the corner of my tank. What should I do? Should I do another WC? Was the medication too much for him? All the others are fine.

    He seems like he was trying to get out of the tank. I put him in a shallow tupperware bowl for now. Definitely doesn't like the water in the tank. But how do I treat for Ich if the Farlowella cannot tolerate the treatment? I just lost a guppy earlier today due to it...

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  2. toosieWell Known MemberMember

    Get him into a separate container ASAP with water of the same temp. No he cannot handle that treatment. THEN do a HUGE water change if you want to put him back into that tank. If you have a different tank he can be in, then that's ok too.

    To treat Ich, the heat treatment is best especially when dealing with sensitive fish like Farlowella. I don't want to say more right now so that you can take care of your fish ASAP.

  3. tpasser2Valued MemberMember

    k doing big change now. then what? how far up can heat go to keep it safe for him?

    I don't really know what approach to ever take when something goes wrong in my tank. I kind of feel intimidated by it because it seems like whatever I do, I can't tell if it's working or not. One of my guppies died earlier and I feel like if I would've done just heat treatment, that it still wouldn't have saved him in enough time. Anyone have any advice?
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  4. toosieWell Known MemberMember

    He can handle 86F, but make sure all of the med is out of the tank before you slowly increase the heat. The meds can affect oxygen levels and so does heat. Run some new activated carbon to remove any remaining medication. Add extra aeration via an airstone, or by having your water level a little lower than normal so that there is more surface disturbance to help bring extra oxygen into the tank.

    Do partial water changes every couple of days or so with a gravel vac to remove any ich spores from the substrate. Keep the heat raised for at least 2 weeks, then slowly lower it back to it's normal temperature.
  5. tpasser2Valued MemberMember

    Is that pretty successful at beating Ich? I've heard that sometimes heat doesn't work and just speeds up the cycle making it more susceptible to your treatment, but not necessarily getting rid of it.
  6. toosieWell Known MemberMember

    It's ok, we all get into tense situations with our tanks from time to time. You came here for help and that was a good thing to do.

    You're right, the heat treatment may not have worked quickly enough to save your guppy. In a situation like that where a fish needs immediate attention, it's best to have a quarantine tank where he can be treated separately, and in his case a med may have been the best solution.

    When we have a variety of fish in our tank, it's best to know which ones are extra sensitive and may need to be removed if the whole tank needs to be treated so alternative treatments can be given to them, if it's not suitable to treat the whole tank with. In this case, you would move the sensitive fish to the quarantine tank so you could treat the rest with a separate treatment.

    Ich is easily curable with the heat treatment if caught early enough, and is the safest method that can be used.

    If you ever see a fish in immediate distress due to something that has just occured, placing them in a separate container to provide them immediate relief is often the best thing to do, then perform a water change. If a number of fish become distressed, the quickest and possibly easiest then maybe to just do the water change. If at any time something doesn't seem quite right in your tank, whether it's as a result of something you know you have done, or just something that seems to be going out of whack, do an immediate water change. Water changes often get our fish out of the worst of situations.

    Don't feel bad, what ever you do. You're learning and you are bound to make mistakes. I've been keeping fish for many years already, I still make mistakes from time to time.

    How is the Farlowella doing in the container? Does he seem to be coming around?

    EDIT: The heat treatment can be VERY successful. The odd occassion an aquarist may come across a heat resistant strain, and then either a higher temp needs to be used or medication, but fortunately most cases respond very nicely to the heat treatment.

    The heat treatment does speed up the ich cycle and sometimes the ich seems to get worse before it gets better, but most fish handle this fairly well unless the ich has progress too much before treatment is started.

    Ich is a parasite that can and often does affect the gills of a fish. If a fish is so infected already in such a manner that he is breathing rapidly before the treatment even begins, this is the type of fish I would recommend a chemical treatment for because it IS a quicker way to treat really bad cases.

    With sensitive fish such as your Farlowella, invertabrates, shrimp, etc. we have to be very cautious about the type of chemical we try to treat with.
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  7. tpasser2Valued MemberMember

    Thanks - it seems to be doing okay. Right now I have it floating in a tupperware bowl on the top of my water so that the temperatures equalized and will be ready when I put him back in. The filter has been running with the carbon back in it for about an hour now. When would you say it is safe to put him back in? He has changed positions in the bowl so I know he is alive, but he is pretty lethargic still.
  8. toosieWell Known MemberMember

    How large of a water change did you manage to do? If it was at least 50% or more, you can try him back in the tank. If he needs to stay in the bowl a little longer or if you need to put him back into the bowl after trying him in the tank, make sure you do some water changes in the bowl or the ammonia will start to build and he'll start having problems with it.

    I forgot to remind you to use a little water conditioner with the fresh water for him, so I hope you remembered to do so. If not, make sure you add some if he needs to remain in the bowl.
  9. tpasser2Valued MemberMember

    Yes, I did end up adding water conditioner too. I did a 25% change to begin and put him back in but he started freaking out right away so I did another 30% or so after that and left him in the bowl until now. I think I'll try adding him now and see how he reacts.

    Well, unfortunately he died before I could take him out of the bowl and back into the tank. I guess this is something to learn from. That's two fish gone: one from ich and the other prob. from me. I'll just stick with the heat treatment to try to kill the rest of the ich and keep my three remaining fish alive.
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  10. toosieWell Known MemberMember

    AWE! :( I am soooooooo sorry. I have a Farlowella too, and he is my favorite fish in my aquarium right now. I'm really sorry we couldn't help you save him.

    Good luck with the ich treatment on the rest of the fish. Don't hesitate to ask for further help with them if you need to.
  11. tpasser2Valued MemberMember

    Alright thanks I'll keep that in mind - thanks for being so helpful
  12. toosieWell Known MemberMember

    You're welcome.

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