Fancy Guppy +dumbo Guppy+endler=?

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If a endler male and dumbo male breed with a female fancy guppy. What are the chances of her having dumbo and or endler babies ? Is the fancy gene more dominate ? And also, I'm aware of a female holding back sperm , so my next question is , how many more times will the female typically give birth after each pregnancies. (With males being in a different tank)

Last question , back to the female holding back sperm , does this sperm in waiting actually wait till she is done giving birth with round 1? Or is it possible she has partially developing fry towards the end of round one into the beginning of round 2? Or is it pretty much , the sperm releases after the first batch.

Sorry for all the questions. I'm learning the guppy , so newish to the guppy community. And yes , I'm currently talking about my guppies. She just had her babies 2 weeks ago this Saturday. All but 1 made it , they are living in their 10 gallon grow out cycled tank. They just started getting black specks , most of them but 2 that is. And some actually are getting half way dark.

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I don’t know your answer but I have a guess that the fancy gene isn’t dominant, since you sometimes see bettas that look in between normal and dumbo you know what I mean?
Sounds like you’ll get some cool lookin babies anyways

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mostly fry will follow the mother pattern,gene..that 2 male sure give your female some new strain,but breader use female as reference..let say female is an endler,so the fry is mostly have endler strain and some of them have big tail follow the male guppy your case 1 female fancy guppy as reference..the guppy strain still strong there..mostly the fry is guppy,and you may have some of the fry have endler colour,but the body look like guppy.. 2nd question about how long female carry the male sperm..errmmm the female can keep pregnant 3 time with just one time pregnant guppy will take 28 day before they gift birth..and need 3-4 week more to release all fry from their belly..that mean your female give birth 3 time in half year just one time mating..if u keep male and female in one tank with 6 month period,not same strain I mean,they will create new strain,that only u had..and it depend on luck,actually cross breeding will lead some health problem..tht whay hobbies/breeder don't like to cross breeding the way u can cross breeding them but the u must responsibility to what u doing..sory my bad english..just happy guppy tank there
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Your English is fine ! And your reply was very helpful , it was a honest mistake with her being pregnant , wasn't done on purpose. Like I said I'm "Newish" to the guppy community , I have done research as far as how to have a healthy guppy. But I guess I got to over my self with that , and never got into looking how to sex guppies , and when I went to purchase my guppies , I took the pet store serious , and purchased 3 females in the regards of them being tagged as females. In which I now feel like a huge dum dum, because male adults seem to easily recognized now. My friend had to tell me the two were defiantly males, I guess I should have brought him with me eh? Lol well , the two males are now in his community tank. But , I took my own responsibility and made sure momma and babies had a healthy setting. She was still with her tank mates (Neon tetra , Rummy nose tetra,Rasbora) and everyone got along great . Helped probably that I had placed a hornwort shortly before the fry's arrival. Momma was a grey body. With orange tail , now she's almost silver , then half way down to her back she is black then with her orange tail . Endler (Potential daddy) is what I call a racer yellow and black print. And the dumbo guppy (Potentially/more then likely daddy for sure) was whiteish, dark blue , orange. Pictures of the sugar daddies below . Back when I first had them


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I read your other posts and wanted to give advice, but I'm also super tired and feeling lazy right now, so I'll provide more if I wake up my nap and no one else has lol...
It's 5am here...
Guppies can be pregnant almost their whole life, and some females will carry sperm from a single male for nearly their whole life as well.
People have had over 9 births from just a single time a female was with a male.
And it was all the same sperm every time.
So if your female gave birth shortly after you got her, she was pregnant when you purchased her. It's possible no males in the tank she was in are the father. Who ever mated with her when she was immature and still considered a fry is the father (likely neither of the guppies you have with you)
Her babies however you'll be able to "spot breed" I'll call it.
You remove a fry who shows to be female and then out your endler in with him.
Yes they say males color up faster, all mine colored at the same time, a few months old vs a few weeks. They all start yellow and then develop color.
Some guppies the males amd females show different colors.
My males are all orange and all females are blue.
So I'll be breeding my blue females with my red male, and my males will breed with red females as well to create more oranges.

Fry all color up at different times and guppies more inbred/established in lines of randomish breeding, often color and grow much faster than more pure lines.
It takes my guppies about 3 months to size up, and about 2 or so to show sex.
You'll know a male because he doesn't have a real round belly, and his analfin will start to change.
It will turn a little witish and he'll start to pull it close to his body while swimming, females will have large fanned analfins and big old bellies.
I've also noticed their faces look different but it's not always easy to tell.

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