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Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by kool moe dee, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. kool moe deeNew MemberMember

    Hi All,

    Thanks to you all for such a great resource for fish keepers of the world. I have finally joined the forum but it has been a great source of information even though I have lurked for a while! I have a question about my 300L (65G) freshwater tank. We have five fancy goldfish and, as they have grown, it seems that only one is female and the other four are males. This means she is being chased all the time. She is only around 8 months old but last week she produced eggs (which I tried to save but were gobbled up) and now they are chasing her again. She seems ok but its obviously not ideal that the ratio is so bad. My kids love all the fish so its difficult to swap any out so my question is: will she be ok or do you think this may be distressing for her? Any advice / thoughts would be appreciated.


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  2. DadioWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to FL

    They will burn her out. Usually a 2F-1M ratio is what I go by.

  3. RivieraneoModeratorModerator Member

    Hello, this can be good and bad. The good is that the males will help her release her eggs and prevent a potential issue of egg impaction. The bad is that she will get beat up and stressed from all the mating behavior. What is your tanks current temperature?

  4. kool moe deeNew MemberMember

    . This is my fear. How long will it take?

    Thank you. Nice summer at the moment so water is warm - around 22c
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  5. DadioWell Known MemberMember

    Hard to say, but with 4 on her I wouldn't give it long before stress got to her.
  6. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello and Welcome to Fish Lore!

    I have moved your thread from Freshwater Beginners to Cyprinids (Includes Goldfish) Goldfish section of the forum. You can locate your threads by clicking on Quick Links in the bar close to the top of the screen. In the drop down box, click on My Threads.

    Best wishes for your tank and fish and I hope you enjoy the forum!

    Ken :)
  7. kool moe deeNew MemberMember

    Ok. Are we talking days or weeks? I have five fancies - maybe if i get another female that could work.
  8. kool moe deeNew MemberMember

    Thanks Ken. Appreciated.
  9. DadioWell Known MemberMember

    That would take off some of it off but I worry that your tank may be too small for another, The bio-load would be very very heavy with 6. As for how long before she crocks, really depends on how resilient she is. Weeks, days, who knows as it's really a guess from here.
  10. kool moe deeNew MemberMember

    Well she is young (circa 9 months) so I hope she is strong. I'm surprised how fertile she is at such a young age. I am running a freshwater sump (about 100l) maxed out with koi matting/filter wool/foam and a refugium. This may aleviate the bio-load if a sixth was introduced?
  11. kool moe deeNew MemberMember

    Just to let you all know I purchased a small Ranchu yesterday. I spent hours in the shop trying to pick a female and, since putting her in, the chasing has stopped. I hope this will do the trick...
  12. ShahbazinValued MemberMember

    I hope that does help in your tank - I was in the same position about a month ago, discovered that of my 5 goldfish, I had 1 female & 4 males; since I was rather overstocked anyhow, I went ahead & rehomed the female, & all has been calm since.
  13. kool moe deeNew MemberMember

    Thanks. It did kind of improve but the new female has yet to catch the eye of the amorous males. I think she hasn't started to give off the signal she is ready. She has no interest in chasing my existing female around so I pretty sure I have chosen another female. I have now taken out one of the large males and put him in an isolation area of my sump ready for rehoming. As someone above said, six is already causing a bioload issue and I like my water crystal clear! Hopefully a 3 male / 2 female split will work.

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