Fancy Goldfish Noob


Hello! I've been thinking about getting some fancy goldfish! I've kept a tropical community for a few months, and among other ideas (shrimp community, african cichlids, bettas) I've been looking into some fancy goldfish.
I'll go for around 75 gallons ish, with 4 or 5 fancies...
But which goldfish can go together??? I've looked all over, and I know you shouldn't keep egg-shaped ones and slimmer goldies together, and you can't mix single and double tails, but I don't know which types are double or single! Also, you shouldn't put bubble eyes/telescopes with regular eyed goldfish... right???

could ryukin, oranda, ranchu, and lionhead all go together? or am I really, really dumb?


I have two fantails with a baby pearscale,as long as u can feed the slower fish u can keep them all together,what I do is I sink the flake food so my pearlscale can eat too

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