False Julii or the real deal?


Gday all,

So in my new (proposed) 4ft I am looking at a school of corys for my bottom-dwellers.

My best LFS owner was telling me how he had been getting sold JuliI but they looked slightly different to the ones in his reference books. I agreed, and came across the false juliI (sneaky sneaky!).

There doesn't seem to be much difference in shoaling, behaviour, size or temperament or difficulty of care...?

I am just hoping to breed them (in a species tank, when they mature) and was wondering is there much difference in breeding them? Or should I just get a school of his falsies and be happy? I don't mind as their colouration is still great!


Good morning,

I think the false Julli's or the real ones will do well.



From what I've researched the 2 seem to be fairly similar although I haven't looked into breeding requirements. I currently have 4 three lines cories (false Juliis) as well as 5 sterbaI cories. The false Juliis are much smaller as well as a lot more active and playful, generally a very fun Cory.

I have looked at several fish shops as well as pet shops and online shops and I have never seen the true JuliI for sale here in Sydney. All the Corydoras I've seen labeled as "Julii" have been false/three lined cories.


I wouldn't bother paying the extra for the 'true' juliis unless you just have to have them, or plan to breed them for a niche group. Most people won't know, or care about the differences between the two.


@Ken, I read that link as I was posting this

Thanks all. I can see no difference and the ones at my LFS seem very active and healthy so I shall pick 'em up!


Just be sure to label them truthfully if you sell them


what u r going thru is common. I breed trilineatus(triple-line) corys and orange laser corys. I live in davie, fla., rite outside ft. lauderdale. almost ALL the fish stores here sell triple- lines as Julii. or reticulated julii. they r indeed NOT the same fish at all. the true juliI lookes as tho someone threw black pepper at a white fish. the trilineatus has squiggly lines on its head and distinct lines on its body coming to the lateral line, ceeating a solid black line bordered by 2 white lines- hence the triple line. they r a much prettier fish than a tru julii, trust me. breeding them is fun. mine spawn every 8 to 10 days. corys like lower ph water and I keep all my cory tanks at 74. I have a small operation as I live in a 60 ft fema trailer. 3 10 gal. tanks,1 5. 1tank for spawning; the 5 to put the eggs in on the glass, 1 fry tank, and 1-10 gal. I call my teenage tank. grow out tank to all of u with no sence of humor. I have 150 juveniles, 50 fry, and eggs on the glass. once u get these guys statred they don't want to quit!
have fun.


Corys are essentially all the same. While their water "preference" might differ slightly, based on where they are collected, their behavior and care requirements are similar enough to be considered the same.


I am fine with the 'false' julii. I prefer the look of the real one in the photos, but I fall in love with every fish I get my sticky little fingers on so BRING IT! Thanks for your input! I am a lot less concerned about the actual name of the fish, I just wanted to make sure that I could care for them appropriately.

And as the LFS owner actually likes to be informed, I am sure he will be interested too!

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