Fake plants or real what's best?

  1. ashleighh28 Well Known Member Member

    I have a fluval 23l and I've just restarted my tank I've been researching the nitrogen cycle, I've seen that plants take out some bad stuff from the water. Would I Benefit from replacing one of my fake plants with a real one? [​IMG]
  2. axel Well Known Member Member

    with that kind of substrate,i think u can only grow moss plants..yes it would remove some ammonia ,nitrtite and nitrate from your water..but if your plants die...it will release ammonia nitrtite and nitrate into your water

  3. ashleighh28 Well Known Member Member

    Ahhhh so there's a chance it could also do bad?
  4. axel Well Known Member Member

    depends on what plant u wanna get...i would recommend java moss,its hard to kill..mine can survive for 2 weeks without lighting...how is your lighting? you dont need fertilizer or CO2 injection for moss plants

  5. ashleighh28 Well Known Member Member

    So moss plants don't need much attention? And my lighting is ok, standard fluval not modified.
  6. axel Well Known Member Member

    yes,it doesnt need much attention..if you want it to grow fast keep it in lower temperature and regular lighting.
  7. ashleighh28 Well Known Member Member

    Would the moss be affected by temperatures of around 20-22c

  8. leftswerve Well Known Member Member

    is there a reason you run that cool of a tank ?
  9. Fishoholic23 Member Member

    I have successfully grown anubias nana in substrate like that, and it's low-light
  10. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    I also prefer the anubias plants, easy lowlight and a lot less messy. Welcome to the forum. Alison;)

  11. Fishoholic23 Member Member

    If you get anubias nana ( and other anubias?@aliray) make sure that the rhizome is out of the substrate, roots only.
  12. axel Well Known Member Member

    not really..is that your room temperature??some tropical fish may have a hard time in your tank
  13. ashleighh28 Well Known Member Member

    No I'm just guessing round about temp at the moment as I'm waiting for a thermometer.
    I have no fish currently in my tank. As I lost some platys due to not being advised properly when purchasing them and I didn't do enough research.

    My tank wasn't cycled aswell.. Still not cycled as I've only just ordered prime and awaiting its delivery.

    Everything isn't completely set up and still have a lot of questions and advise!
  14. Fishoholic23 Member Member

  15. ashleighh28 Well Known Member Member

    I have a 50watt heater. But only arrived yesterday. The heater is installed the water is warm. But as I said I can't test the temp yet.
  16. Fishoholic23 Member Member

    Ok,I understand. Is it adjustable!
  17. axel Well Known Member Member

    as Fishholic said,if your temperature around 20-22 celcius,consider getting a heater.Unless you live in tropical area like me,you shouldnt be worry too much about temperature.It shouldnt be a problem if you are planning to get a coldwater fish (goldfish,whitecloud,bloodfin tetra,etc)
  18. Silister Trench Well Known Member Member

    Would this tank be the Fluval 23l Edge?

    Would you Benefit from adding a real plant?

    Sure, you would. There are lots of low light plants - Java moss, Java Fern, Anubis. I've even effectively grown dwarf baby tears in a low light tank. Other than looking nice plants do offer an added benefit of reducing nitrates in a roundabout sort of way, but I wouldn't look at plants for that reason alone, as these low light plants listed will generally not include any noticeable change. All plants will assist in the nitrogen cycle, but some are better than others. Floating plants will be #1 and include duckweed or frog bit. If I were looking at adding 1 plant to reduce nitrates I'd add a floating plant or a fast grower such as water Sprite.

    To really see any reduction of ammonia/nitrite/nitrate you need lots of fast growing plants. The Java plants and Anubis will do great, but no such visible reduction.
  19. ashleighh28 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah it's adjustable. I sadly live in London so it's cold here!

    Thanks great advice!