Faded Clown coloration

Discussion in 'Clownfish' started by Nate41590, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. Nate41590

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    So i bought a clown about 3 weeks ago. he is happy, swimming EVERYWHERE all the time. He eats as best he can. I think it is hard for him to catch the flakes with the high water movement so i turn the power heads off for him. i started doing this recently. His body has become a little faded in sporadic areas. It doesnt appear to be a disease. He just looks a little faded. This happens with the damsels, their blue coloration fades, so i added a calcium supplement/ buffer and over night, they are back to brilliant blue. Im having trouble keeping my ph up. its right at about 7.9-8. I'll be testing it again soon. im waiting on new test stuff. But i dont know what if anything is wrong with the clown. opinions please!!!
  2. Stang Man

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    Dude your still having problems what up!!!!! Is this the tank you started a few weeks ago? Have you been using RO water and did you get skimmer? Talk to me man!!!
  3. zeeter

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    +1 on the RO water. Also - are you feeding veggies at all? I like to feed mine veggie flakes every other day. It's supposed to be good for their color.
  4. OP

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    i tried giving them algae, but neither the damsels or the clowns will touch it. They just started to accept spirulina flakes, i the main portion of their diet is tetra marine flakes.