Facebook is wierd

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I don't like it when people automatically add you to groups without even asking you. This one's a bit different. Apparently I've been added as an admin of a group without me even knowing. I just found out when I visited the site and had this notification...

"Wayne Leibel has asked to join Silver Dollar Fishes: Metynnis, Myleus, Myloplus, Mylossoma"

The world is getting strange. I approved his membership, of course.
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They want you as an administrator because of your vast knowledge!!!
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There are people in that group with far greater knowledge than me though, that's the odd thing...
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Are you very active with the group? If so, that could be the reason.
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It's not a very active group, and I rarely post in it. I'm an admin of another group, so maybe they have the same 'owner'. Strange that I wasn't asked this time though...
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Congrats, I guess?. Would have been nice to be notified though. Alison

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