F8 Puffer Ich

Got a F8 puffer from my LFS a few days ago. Came in with some fin nips and damage to his back and sides from being shipped with 6 other puffers. Am treating with melafix for the fins and wounds. Today I noticed about 6-8 white spots on his back and am thinking it may be ich. I have began to convert to brackish water as the puffer was sold to me as freshwater. The water salinity is 1.002 and temp is at 79 degrees. I have IchX on hand, is this safe for the puffer or is there an alternative route I should go. Puffer is eating well and tends to glass surf but has calmed down on the surfing. Any help is much appreciated, thank you!
Ichx is safe for puffers but it's better to just raise the salinity to around 1.004 which will kill the ich.
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