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A while back I had a very old Freshwater angel fish. One day one of his eyes was gone. Nothing but a hole - some time later the other one was gone. That was several months ago. I keep a clean tank. Today I noticed that one of my sharks (not sure of the type) has lost an eye! Not merely bulging but it is GONE. Does anyone have and suggestions? Will it continue with the other fish. The tank is 55gal with 2 discus, 2 Silver Dollars, and a few African ciclids. Help - thanks in advance.


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I have no idea what it may be. I only know of a "Pop Eye" disease. It is described here on Fish Lore as fish having "one or both eyes appear to be 'popping' or sticking out." "This is usually the result of a bacterial infection. Try to give your fish the best water possible by performing frequent water changes." There is also a recommended treatment but that's not for me to advise since I have no experience with this disease. So here:

Your tank seems large enough for Angels and Silver Dollars (don't know about Discus). And assuming the other Cichlids you have aren't too big, I don't think your tank is overcrowded. Although it would be good if you told us how many fish of each kind you have. And it would be good if you posted your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH readings. Provided that the tank is not overcrowded and your water is kept clean, water parameters cannot be the reason for the missing eyes.

I only am familiar with the nature of angelfish. Could it be that some of the fish you have are too aggressive for other fish in your tank? Did you notice any aggression in any of your fish? If it's not any disease or water quality, then there's a good possibility some aggressive fish is causing all of this. (Though I personally cannot imagine how a fish would be able to poke out an eye of another fish.)

I don't understand though, how an eye could be completely gone, and just like that? Poor angelfish. Is it still alive without eyes? I am sorry to hear this


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I think it's the African Cichlids doing it. Generally, it is not recommended to mix africans with new world cichlids. The africans are usually much more aggressive. I have never read where a fish's eye actually "popped out" when they had pop eye. I think you have some mean fish.


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I had this same thing happen to one of my neon tetras. I was check them one day and noticed that one of them was missing an eyeball, he just has an empty socket. I have been keeping an eye on him, I thought for sure he would be floating the next day. But he has been without an eye for over two weeks now. I have noticed that his colors aren't as bright and his body has turned a dark grey instead of the silvery-white the rest of them are. He has been active and eating fine, it took him a day to get his depth perception figured out, at first he would miss the food. He is the smallest of my six neons so at first I thought that maybe he was being picked on but I have been watching and there is no aggression between any of my fish. (I also have a male Betta and a pleco in a 10 gallon tank. The tank has been set up for 5 months.) I checked all my levels and my water is perfect. However, I now have a new problem, my fish have all developed Ick. I am treating it by adding salt(per instructions I found online) and changing the water and I have raised the temp from 78 degrees to 82 to try and kill it. I am a novice, this is my first tank. I already realize that I will need to find a bigger home for my pleco when he gets too big. I am really worried that this fish will get my others sick. But I love to root for the underdog and this little one-eyed guy is quickly becoming my favorite. Does any one know why this may have happened???

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