Eye Injury-treatment? Important

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Zoreta, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. ZoretaValued MemberMember

    I came home today, to discover that during the day Elton got himself a BAD eye injury- it's bleeding all around the front edge of the eye, and the eye isn't flush against the face but at a downward angle. Needless to say, I'm not optimistic that eye is salvagable- I suspect that he saw something zip in front of my bedroom window, got spooked and darted in to one of the decorations.

    I already have API Bettafix, which I am dosing, and my mother is making a market run for fresh garlic to get juiced, but is there anything else I can do for him? He's just laying at the bottom of the tank, with slightly labored 'breathing-' he can't see out of the eye, and he won't come up to eat. What can I do?
  2. Red1313Fishlore VIPMember

    Oh the poor boy!
    Betta fix is a good idea, you may want to keep some meds like Tetracycline, erythromycin, and triple sulfa on hand. If the wouds really bad he may come down with a secondary infection. If you have any stress coat that may help act as an extra layer of protection...
    wish I had better advice :(

  3. ZoretaValued MemberMember

    I'll buy more stress coat, and I'll call around my LFS for antibiotics- and thanks, any advice is appreciated. I just feel so bad for the little guy, he has to be in a world of pain right now.

  4. MartinismommyFishlore VIPMember

    I'd give him time to see how he does before medicating him..What kind of tank is he in? Can you post a photo?

  5. ZoretaValued MemberMember

    He is an a tank that is ~3 gallons- he could have hit his eye on the gravel, or on his log, or on the filter pipe, or on the base of his plants, or... well, a lot of things.

    Picture of injury (not for the squeamish):

  6. MartinismommyFishlore VIPMember

    Oh my that doesn't look good at all! I'd do a 50% water change asap.....
  7. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    Oh your poor betta. I just wanted to add that bettafix is a lesser from of melafix which is dangrous to bettas. https://www.fishlore.com/fishforum/...ners-read-melafix-alert-read-read-danger.html
    Other then that I agree with MM, you should wait and see how he does before medicating him. With an open cut like that the medications will have a much stronger affect on his system then usual because they have a direct line to the blood. I would treat his food with garlic juice. And I would do daily 10% water changes using stress coat to help keep him calm and his body protected against anything else. I would also if his tank is near a window...move it maybe to where it isnt in a position to where that could not happen again if that is what you suspect. Best of Luck.
  8. ZoretaValued MemberMember

    He's never had issued with stuff seen in the window before, but it is Spring, and my house is along a main migration route for birds- maybe a bunch of birds flew in at once or something. I'll do a water change, I just hope he can recover at all- the eye is partially detached from the head, so I'm considering it a lost cause, but maybe he can be saved.
  9. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    Fish have lost eyes before and lived for years after wards. It is a bit of a loss but not one that is a death wish. If his water is nice and clean he should do fine with the healing process. And yeah you never know it might regrow back into place nothing is impossible.
  10. TigerfishyWell Known MemberMember

    Poor little man. Keep him comfortable, advice above is great and I hope he feels better soon. They like to mope when they feel unwell & it sounds like he is doing this, feeling sorry for himself before he realises how hungry he really is.

    Keep us updated...
  11. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello Zoreta,

    I hope Elton is going to be ok.
    Best wishes for you both!
  12. ZoretaValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the support guys. He's still alive this morning, but his breathing is labored and he doesn't even want to slink around the bottom, like he has when he was sick in the past. He can swim- he swam when I did the water change yesterday- but it's sluggish. I'm worried about him eating, but maybe he'll perk up with his food soaked in garlic juice.
  13. Red1313Fishlore VIPMember

    We know that you're give him the best care possible.
  14. ZoretaValued MemberMember

    I'm fairly certain that his eye has come off- there is a huge swelling around where it was, and in the center a gob of black, necrotic tissue. He still isn't eating- he spends all day sleeping, only staying awake long enough to take a breath, then going back to the bottom. I'm worried that he'll starve.
  15. lyndraValued MemberMember

    he may just take time... they sulk something chronic - my betta wouldn't eat after hurting himself (he got stuck in a terra cotta pot and we had to break the pot with a hammer to get him out) and he wouldn't swim much, he prefered to spend all of his time lying on the gravel or sitting ontop of a filter bit and I was beside myself with worry... until I came home a couple of days later from work and was greeted with a wriggle dance and a bubblenest.

    It does look pretty nasty - all the best luck to Elton and you.. he's so lucky to be getting such prompt care!
  16. ZoretaValued MemberMember

    He's still not eating, and is sleeping nearly all hours of the day. He won't swim away from my hand if it gets near the tank any more, and he is visibly thin- he is losing some scales on the damaged side of his face. -sigh- Things don't look hopeful.
  17. MartinismommyFishlore VIPMember

    I'm so sorry your little man isn't doing well.....I am still hoping he makes a recovery.....
  18. CharlemagneValued MemberMember

    I'm soooo sorry!!!! :( :( :( Poor little guy. I sure hope he recovers. That does look pretty bad, but fish can survive without an eye . . . . . .
  19. bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    Have you tried "hand-feeding" him garlic soaked bloodworms? (By hand-feeding I mean either with your clean hand or with a clean pair of tweezers, whichever he'll eat off of) When Amun got the wound in his side, the only thing he'd really eat was the bloodworms.

    Poor Elton! I hope he gets better!
  20. ZoretaValued MemberMember

    I've tried it, but he gets freaked out by my hand suddenly coming in to view and darts for his log, his 'safe spot' and the one part of the tank I can't get behind. I thought about tweezers, but I'm afraid he'd hurt himself on them, as the ends are pretty sharp.

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