Extremely Pregnant Or Sick??

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by FriendsAreFish, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. FriendsAreFish

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    She was one of my most active guppies! The past 2 days she's been at the bottom of the tank rarely getting up to swim around. I just put her in the breeder tank so I can keep a closer eye on her. Her bottom belly scales are pushed out but no where else. My other pregnant guppies never had that. She keeps her head down with front belly resting on rocks, breeder container. I haven't seen her eat yet today. Would appreciate any input! All levels are on point, temp is steady 77.5-80°
  2. fjh

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    She is definitely pregnant and about to give birth. Congratulations!
    I would turn the lights off and leave her be. Also, if you don't mind losing a few fry, I would take her out of the breeder because they can get very stressed in there, and abort the fry.
  3. OP

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    Thanks! About 1.5 ago I had one of my guppies give birth in the breeder tank happily, and two days later have another abort in the breeder tank. While I was away for a few days (I had someone feeding them) that same guppy that had successful fry. Gave birth again in the main tank and I couldn't find a single one by the time I got home. (there are many fish including an angel to eat them up!) This guppy had a few males bothering her at the bottom of the tank that she is too big to successfully escape so I'm taking my chances in loosing a few fry to keep her safe!
  4. OP

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    She died over night
  5. Zahc

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    Ah dang, sorry to hear!

    Just thought I should point out, in the bottom photo it almost looks as if she has Camallanus worms sticking out. It's definitely not a close enough picture to be certain, but I would recommend you check all your other fish and ensure there is no sign of it.

    I only say this because I'm at the end of treating all of my tanks for Camallanus. And it does look quite similar to what I can see in your pictures. Almost like a tiny red paintbrush poking out of the ventral/anal area. Becoming very enlarged/fat and loss of appetite is another symptom I believe, and I'm pretty certain it's very common in livebearers.

    I hope i'm wrong, and i'm not trying to scare you at all, but I feel like I needed to point that out. Really hoping that i'm wrong though.
  6. OP

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    Thank you, i was thinking she was very bloated because I hadn't seen her poop in a while.. but I did get this picture yesterday, not sure if it helps.let but i did not see any red! I have seen clear stringy poop from other fish though.. not sure if that's normal.
  7. Fish Newbie

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    I am sorry she passed losing a baby is always a sad process
  8. Zahc

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    I would be keeping a close eye out for it in your other fish. That photo doesn't show any Camallanus visually, but the worms do retract up inside the fish, and can present themselves again when they like. White/clear poop or constipation are also symptoms for Camallanus, aswell as most internal parasites I believe.
  9. BeanFish

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    Stringy poop can or can not be alarming...
    I feed my fish homemade food and there was this time when I got some crappy bass that had a lot of "skin" (not scales but soft tissue that you can usually find in some meat, the one that is soft yet hard to bite... I dont know the exact word in English...) and all my fish pooped white, now that I made another batch of homemade food their poop has changed to the color of it. So... it depends.
    As for the guppies, that looks too fat for me, but I dont keep Guppys so I might be wrong.
  10. Fahn

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    Maybe it's just me, but she appeared to be "pineconing". If that is the case, combined with the bloated body, I'd say she died of dropsy.
  11. EternalDancer

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    Not that I asked, but, you just answered a question that no one on here could answer at the time!

    I thought it was some weird miscarriage :/

    Thank you.