Extreme PH in Extreme Tanks!

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    Babyrinsjr New Member Member

    I know a ton about fish, fish environments, PH, Nitrates, Nitrites, Ammonia, fish diseases, I even help others with there issues in there personal tanks, but I have a PH issues in my tanks. I am a manager of a large corporate petstore, my job is to care for all animals in the facility. My tanks would be perfect if it wasn't for the PH. For a month I was struggling with trying to get the PH down in my tanks and couldn't, I finally tested the facet which my water is connected to in my tanks, and the PH is between 7.6 and 7.8! Now this is the PH that all my fish (from segrest farms) are introduced to. We all knows what happens with a fish gets shocked like that. So the problem is the tank are connected....so treating the tanks individually is virtually impossible. Almost all my losses in my tanks are do to this PH Issues. I have added mass quantities of peat moss and it didn't help much, I also tired adding a mass quantity of live plants which didn't help much either. Each filter, filters about 16 tanks of 15 gallons each with a 100 Gallon Bulk in the bottom. How on earth should I be treating this to get the PH down? Water changes don't help because the facet is a High PH, and I would be going through a ton of PH down (and adding chemicals to a tank in my belief can cause more problems then it fixes). Corporate denied my request for reverse osmosis machines.....Any Ideas to help my PH Issue?
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    Hi Babyrinsjr, Welcome to Fishlore!

    Very commendable that someone in your position would seek further information, shows your truly CARE :)

    I dont think your PH is high or extreme. When your fish are shipped in, by chance have you tested the PH in their shipping containers or shipping bags and have compared this PH reading go your tanks PH? Obviously, different species thrive in certain PH ranges, but most fish will do just fine in a stable PH versus one modified by any chemical as those chemicals that modify PH wear off and cause large PH swings.

    I would not recommend RO water unless you have issues regarding excess levels of ammonia, nitrite or nitrate from your water source. RO units lower your PH usually below 7.0 which can hinder the growth of beneficial bacteria in you tanks, you can cause more issues since your beneficial bacteria can go dormant and you will have ammonia and nitrite spikes. Im sure other members will be eager to help you, so i will not make this along post to give others the opportunity to share their input. Thanks again for joining and Welcome!!!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum,
    Firstly - well done for caring ;)
    7.6 to 7.8 Ph is acceptable in your store for the fish.
    Corporate denying your request for RO filters comes as no surprise to me, as this will entail cap-ex which is not an option to them.
    To help stop loosing the fish, when you introduce the new stock, make sure you trickle acclimate them over a long period of time.
    Fish will live perfectly happy in 7.6 / 7.8 Ph, they just have to get acclimatised to it.
    Good Luck

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    Babyrinsjr New Member Member

    The PH in the bags I receive from Segrest are around 6.8 so I feel 7.8 is a high to be putting fish in....Unfortunately they allow me an allotted amount of time of 2 to 3 hours to get all fish in the tanks.....there's a total of 32 tanks, with everything from Africans, to South Americans, tetras, to mollys, platy's, guppy's, danios,eels, puffers, and Ropefish. I even have a few saltwater (although I have no issues with them). Go figure my South Americans and Africans never have issues, but it seems its my mollys, Guppys, some tetra breeds, platys, swordtails, and variatus that have the most issues. Thank You for noticing that I care, I do, I Travel almost 2 hours each way to get to my Job.

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    dakota Valued Member Member

    I also think you have nothing to worry about. I have 7.8 PH right out of my tap water and which I am on a well. All my tanks I have had I never have had any fish problems and I have had many many different tropicals all fresh water. Many that say they do not tolerate high PH I never experienced any fish dying or having any problems Again you are to be thanked for your concern about your store. Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy your work. Thanks
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    Thai Aquarium owner Well Known Member Member

    Try to get an extra hour out of them, and set up an auto-drip system to acclimate the fish.
    My observation from your post, is that most issues are from the intensively line bred species.
    Many of these species have become " weak " and prone to all kinds of things over many years of breeding, and I am sure the methods you are using to introduce the fish are fine.
    Dakota said in his post previous " enjoy your work ", and I would second that sentiment, along with please keep caring
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    I have discuses living well and happy on 7.5 ph and doing really well.
    As Thai mentioned earlier auto drip system would help a lot. If thats not possible than one cup of ur aquarium water poured on every half an hour intobags/containers of new arivals would help new fish to aclimatize better and easier as you slowly mix ur tank water with their water and slowly rising ph over few hours.

    This method does help me a lot with my discuses as their past environment was 6.3 where my tank was 7.4.

    Good luck and keep us posted
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    Babyrinsjr New Member Member

    Thank You guys for your advice, I do my orders this week and ill try setting up a few drip systems for the fish I have been having issues with. I think what bothers me the most is that there is no sign of disease, no ick, no raised scales, nothing to go off of besides the high PH, I keep the amonia low by doing water changes once a week with a full scrub down of the tanks. Its just painful to watch all the beautiful fish i hand select die. And Virusmk, I love discus, my store manager and I are on great terms, and he has a discus tank, my favorites that i have seen are the pigeon bloods and the cobalts. I will let you guys know how it goes
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    I have a new world cichlid tank with a pH of 8.3 and they are doing great.

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    Hardness is more of a concern than pH. Generally, but not always, water with a higher pH is harder, that with a lower pH is lower. Sudden changes in water hardness stresses a fish's osmoregularity system, causing stress. The drip acclimation helps with them being accustomed to this difference.

    How are you determining the pH of the water from Seagrest? Providing the results of tests for hardness for both your and their water would be helpful.