Extra Filter Ideas On 27 Gal With An Aqua One 750?


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Hi, I'm looking for ideas please? I want to add extra filtration/water flow in my semi-planted (fine leaf java fern on driftwood and java moss and phoenix moss on driftwood) community tank, currently have an aqua one 750 series 2 with a 90cm flexible air stone at the rear of the tank and a small air stone near the front. The filter works really well, but I've been creating the water movement I like by having the air stones bubbling at high all the time (which is a bit too noisy as the tank is in my bedroom). The tank setup works brilliantly other than the flow with weekly 25% water changes and weekly filter checks... is there another option I could look at or should I just get a larger canister filter? Prefer a solution where I could adjust the flow rate manually until I'm happy with it?
Environment: 27gal at 25°C with stable parameters of ph 6.6, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0 and Nitrate 0
Critters: 6 x Zebra Danios (50:50 male female), 6 x juvenile Angelfish (bodies 1.25" and smaller - they will be going into a lot larger tank in a few months), 1 x 4" female Rainbow Shark, 1 x 4" male Bristlenose Catfish and 4 x Kuhli Loaches
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