Extra Aquarium Gravel

  1. Simply Fish Member Member

    Hey guys! I have recently purchased a second hand fish tank, and it came with a LOT of extra gravel (3 bags!). Are there any uses decor wise for it? I am just curious, and don't want it to go to waste. Thank you so much for your time:)!
  2. sfsamm Well Known Member Member

    If you have house plants you can use it to spruce up the looks of your plants and cover the soil with it. Can use it in fairy gardens.

  3. Simply Fish Member Member

    Ok! That sounds interesting. Thanks for the feedback! Could I also put a pvc pipe in the corner of the tank and bury it with gravel to make a "cave"? Has anyone tried this? If so, how did it turn out?
  4. RyleighJ Member Member

    I've heard of people coating things like PVC pipes in glue/silicone/adhesive and then rolling it in gravel.

  5. Simply Fish Member Member

    Cool! I might try it. May be hard to clean though... oh well. Anything for the fish!
  6. purslanegarden Well Known Member Member

    I have used my extra gravel to be put into small plant pots, which then have plants in them and placed into the aquarium. The reason for this is because I thought that when cleaning my tank or substrate, I might have an easier time doing it if the plants could be easily moved around. I can't say it's better than just planting directly into the existing substrate but it seems to be not bad either.

    Also there will usually be a use for them, because whether I got a cheap free tank or brand new tank, they might need gravel as the substrate.
  7. Simply Fish Member Member

    Good point! Thanks for all the advise!

  8. BluMan1914 Well Known Member Member

    That is a great idea. Thanks for the tip, will definitely remeber this for any future tanks.