Extra 20 gal

  1. Jaystank Member Member

    So I got a extra 20 gal was thinking about stocking it but form know with what any suggestions? I have a 37 freshwater community and a 65 gal saltwater community tank...
  2. superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    Betta sorority? Cpds? A small cichlid species only tank?
  3. Jaystank Member Member

    Whats cpds?
  4. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Celestial Pearl Danios. Also known as a Galaxy Rasbora ^_^

    Make it a shrimp tank!
  5. Jaystank Member Member

    I was thinking about making it a shrimp tank but I live in Hawaii and have yet to see any stores sell any :( and can't get em shipped here
  6. cjbart1009 Member Member

    Make it a nannacara anomola tank. You can put a pair in there and a school of CPD's.
  7. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Awh no that sucks if you do find shrimp on Hawaii, then get some RCS (Red Cherry Shrimp) as they are some of the easiest yet prettiest shrimp to raise. I agree with the CPD. They are tiny fish and really beautiful and as far as I know, they don't need a school so you can buy a pair of them ^_^
  8. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    You could also have kuhli loaches in with the CPDs. They are adorable!
  9. Jaystank Member Member

    Thank ms everyone for your feedback!
  10. Flare4123 Initiate Member

    Hey jaystank, I also live in Hawaii! What island do you live on? Im in Oahu and they have a store called Pets Plus and they carry RCS and amano shrimp.

    You could always do the opae ula for a shrimp tank too! Nearly every pet store here (except the big chain stores) carries them since they are a native species. They are brackish water though but super easy to care for since they are very very hardy.
  11. Flowingfins Fishlore VIP Member

    Actually CPD are schooling fish. It is recommended to have a bigger school because they are so shy.
  12. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    Agreed with Flowingfins, they need to be in larger groups, and will have better coloring and won't be as shy when kept in large schools.
    You could do a variety of Danios only including CPDs in your 20g, like, leopards, pearls, cross-bandeds, glowlights, zebras, and royal blues etc...
  13. Silister Trench Well Known Member Member

    I've often coveted very small fish in heavily planted tanks with a lush carpet. By very small I mean less than 1" or around there. I find they're small stature in tanks less 20 gallons can have absolutely stunning effects if the illusion of depth can be obtained well enough, not to mention being so small you can add quite a few to help capture this effect.
    Here are some I enjoy seeing, but currently have no room to stock any, nor have I seen this last variety in any of my LFS. Ember Tetra and the more colorful Bororas seem quite common. Not sure how that relates to where you live.

    Ember Tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae)

    Boraras Species

    Endler’s Livebearer (Poecilia wingei)
  14. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    yes, ember tetras and endlers would look very nice!
  15. Jaystank Member Member

    I am also on Oahu I'll have to check that place out I've only been to coral fish petsmart and petco!
  16. cjbart1009 Member Member

    I wanna move to hawaii.

    If you can't find any locally you would just have to purchase online. I would check wetspot tropical and aquabid.
  17. Jaystank Member Member

    It's illegal to ship anything live here I'm pretty sure like dry rock is the o my thing you can get shipped lol
  18. Flare4123 Initiate Member

    There are lots of good local fish shops around here ^_^ consider yourself lucky!

    I've been to coral fish too but they seemed to have more equipment than fish there haha, at least for fw
    Their saltwater stock is amazing though

    Theres plenty more good stores like Kalihi pet center, aquascapes llc, Moanalua pets and my favorite Petland.

    Pets Plus and Moanalua pets are actually owned by the same owner so alot of the stuff is similar but they have some good prices on fish.

    I would definitely reccomend checking out Petland, its right across Kahala mall and they have really good prices and a large selection of equipment/fish ( i sound like an advertisement).
    I used to get my plants from petco/petsmart until I found Petland which had even more plants but waaaaay cheaper! Anacharis is only like 3 dollars a bunch there while at petco it was like 6!

    @cjbart its not as much a paradise as you'd think haha
    literally everything here costs more compared to the mainland, and there are ALOT of strict laws regarding importing animals/plants so its much harder to order fish online. But the weather is always nice! xP
  19. Flare4123 Initiate Member

    Lol got ninja'd by jay about the animal laws.
    btw Petland actually sells coral too but I'm not sure about whether its good or not since I'm a FW aquarist haha . You can always check it out and see for yourself xD
  20. Jaystank Member Member

    I'll be going there this weekend lol thank you!