Experimenting with the API Cichlid water conditioners

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    I recently got API's Amazon Extract cichlid, Sludge Destroyer cichlid, and Extra Strength Melafix cichlid. I am also using API's Stress-zyme and Neutral PH bySeachem. I got them all Sunday and added them that day.

    Today is day three. The Amazon Extract says it has beneficial organics and other additives to make it "ideal" conditions for coloration and breeding. My convicts have breed before adding so I won't see any difference there. I have noticed a slight difference in color and vibrance in all my fish since adding, the most apparent difference is shown by the Geo. The Geo also has a couple torn fins due to aggression from the convicts during their last spawn.

    The Melafix is doing a spectacular job of healing the fins and the few abrasions on it. I have also noticed and increased amount of activity in all the fish in the tank. I'm thinking the Amazon Extract may have something to do with that. It is too soon to say weather or not the Sludge Destroyer works like it is supposed to, but I have high expectations. It's supposed to cut down on tank maintenance, though I do a weekly 10-15g change. Sometimes twice a week.

    The only point of using the Stress-zyme is to help replace slime coat and keep the sand bed a little cleaner. So far I am happy with the products, but it is only day three. But my fish seem to be doing better (not that they were doing bad) and very happy.

    I'll keep updates as long as I can remember. I was also kind of curious if anyone else has used API's Cichlid line of water conditioners, and what your experiences were with it.

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    Hi Joe,

    Be sure to keep an eye on your pH levels. Sometimes extracts can cause the pH to drop. Adding too much of the product at one time may cause a sudden drop in pH that could be harmful/fatal to your fish. Use caution. Adding driftwood, oak leaves, Indian Almond Leaves, live plants will make for a much more natural environment compared to using extracts.

    IMO, using anything labeled Killer or Destroyer is not a good idea. Keep in mind that you are trying to mimic a natural environment and the fewer chemicals and medications you expose your fish to, the better off your fish and tank are going to be. Sometimes Killer's and Destroyer's may also harm your fish and invertebrates. With regular tank maintenance and water changes, gravel vacuums, this product should not be necessary.

    Adding chemicals to alter your pH levels can also be risky. They are unstable and can lead to a pH crash resulting in fish loss. It is more important to maintain a pH level (via frequent water changes) than it is to try and pinpoint a certain level. As I stated in my first paragraph above, sudden changes, especially drops, in pH can be harmful/fatal to your fish. Products such as these IMO are not necessary. Most fish can adapt to the pH levels we have to offer right from the tap. If you do need to alter your pH levels then there are more natural ways of doing it without the use of chemicals:

    Hold on for more responses and best wishes for your fish.

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    Thanks, that was great information! The Amazon Extract says it does not alter the pH, but I do see how the chemicals can cause issues with stability. I'm going to quit using the Sludge Destroyer, it really doesn't make sense to use it with frequent water changes. Like I said before, I try to get two 10-15 gallon changes in a week. I have natural pieces of driftwood from a local lake here in Redding, CA, Whiskeytown Lake. I also have rocks that I collected from out there. It all looks really good with the pool filter sand. I am also going to quit using the pH neutralizer. I don't want any sudden drops from the use of it. I just may try to return the chemicals, even if it's for store credit. I honestly think the Amazon Extract is clouding the water, but that may also be the Melafix. I can't remember noticing a difference after adding the extract, I added it before the Melafix. Does Melafix usually cloud water? Would being the extra strength formula have anything to do with that?
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