Experience: Yeast (s.cerevisiae) Cycling next experience.(volunteers perhaps?)


Greetings fellows.

A few of you might be following my other thread (like Aquaphobia, Florian Pellet and DoubleDutch)

I would like to ask your help to proceed more scientifically in a fashion that could bring some 'definitive' (or at least 'better') light on the subject: is yeast an alternative to the normal cycling not necessarily to become the standard procedure but, perhaps, an 'easy mode' or 'emergency procedure'.

I want to segregate my betta from the serpae tetras so I can acquire a few more of them (I have only two and they are 'depressed' to be alone) and I will start a 20L 'water jug' aquarium (wife said I have spent too much already so I will go full DIY)

my primary idea is to cycle fishless using yeast and I believe the procedure will be something like:

- declorinate water
- air stone
- filter
- heater at 25ºC
-(optional: add almond leave blackwater extract)
- add 3ppm of liquid amonia
- add 10ppm of honey
- inoculate with yeast
- check for amonia/nitrite- 0 ph-7
- add more 3ppm amonia
- check for nh/no - 0
- add/remove carbonate stones to adjust ph
- add fish, plants (3 elodea densa and 3 Lysimachia nummularia and I believe I will put the tetras there. the betta must stay in the old tank to eat the hamshorn fry)
- add 10ppm honey per week or every time the NH starts to rise.

anything else?
something 'hardcore' to try?
specific data to gather (like hourly/daily nh/no, gh, kh, ph)?

I will try to measure the sugar levels of the water BUT I don't think I can get hod to a saccarometer for the next week. I will have to relay on 'feeling' to keep the sugar levels.

i, also, will try to get a microscope to follow the development of the yeast or whatever pops in there.

talk to me, lasses and lads. let's try a breakthru on this thing. migh be the revolution of the century in the aquarium world and a way to make our hobby more popular than it already is (I know many people that gave up after knowing they must wait 3 months to put a fish in...)


Sounds intriguing! I'm not sure I have the space atm but if I can get my butt in gear on my day off maybe I can prep the area and make space for the experiment


well, was not a 'call for arms', but if you join in would be most welcome.

in fact I would like to know from you guys what would sufice to demonstrate the hipothesis valid.

for me it has been working accordingly for the last month: despite the sometimes ugly cloudy water it stood within acceptable parameters and, more important: no fish, plant or snail dead or sick so far.



Id be glad to take part in something like this, we are going to be putting together a new batch next weekend and so I can get some good fresh yeast from the home brew store.

Ill set up my small tank, (5 gallon) and make adjustments to the receipt vs. 1 gallon tank correct?

I wonder if a canister filter would allow greater control?

Aqua moonshine! Hahaha


mnnn... I 'think' in liters. the ppm and dosage are quite straightforward.

acording to the calculator downstairs 5 gallon is 18L. my tank is 20L

so you would have to put 0.18ml of 'sugar' (I do like honey) to achieve 10ppm in a 5 gallon tank.

ps: I use a very small insuline siringe ( took the needle off ) to measure such small amounts of honey but before that I usualy prediluted the honey in water (1ml in 100ml) in order to be able to get adequate measure with a standard seringe.

about the filter: I used in my other experience a diy 300mL canister from a small olive glass with only a bunch of acrylon (the white wooly thingie) stuffed inside. worked. I never used carbon or other media (those ceramic...) but before that I had a small HOB filter stuffed with acrylon. worked well also. so I don't hink it matters much.

do you have a saccharimeter?
would be nice to follow the sugar content although I believe most saccharimetes won't have enough resolution to acurate measure 10ppm...


hi, guys.

I arrived home and will wait for the NO3 test and microscope that I bought arrive before starting the experience.

a pitty I don't have a saccarometer to track the sugar consumption (yet)


Go to a homebrew shop or ebay for cheap


Just started an early Oktoberfest brew and hooked the fermenter up to the tank on a check valve to utilize the Co2....beer fish!

hi, guys.

I arrived home and will wait for the NO3 test and microscope that I bought arrive before starting the experience.

a pitty I don't have a saccarometer to track the sugar consumption (yet)
So what's going on?

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