Experience With Small Or Large Fish Satisfaction


I'm up to 4 tanks after a little over a year fish keeping. My largest is a 30 gallon community tank with platy, guppy, neon, cory, oto, and amano. Other smaller tanks have more amano, red chery and rilI shrimp.

I was thinking the next step was a larger 75-90/100 gallon tank with cichlids. And a 90-100 gallon would fit where my 30 gallon is right now. I kinda got bored with my platies. Only the orange seem to have survied and the orange males never seemed interested other colors of females, weird or normal? I'm kinda bored of the orange.

I didn't think much of guppies, I thought they were too small. Then they started having some fry and I saved some. Now I have quite a few guppy and with their multicolor and waving fins are quite elegant and like them alot.

I then also started with 4 neon tetra and then added 4 more. I usually build up a few fish at a time rather than dropping lets say 10 at a time all at once. I found that if I add many all at once I get losses. Having eight neon tetra bumped it up another notch, and I'd like a bunch more. This is going to start needing a bigger tank... LOL

So now i'm rethinking the big tank of cichlid or other large fish and thinking I might be just as pleased or even more with a large tank full of pretty looking smaller fish. In fact I think I can spend 1 hr every night just starring into my 10 gallon planted red rilI and amano srimp tank. And the drift wood and plantscaping is just as eye catching as fish, and can make the tank just as special as nice large fish.

If any one has more experienace and has gone from small tanks/small fish to large tanks large fish and back to small fish in large tanks back to small tanks etc... what are your thoughts, ideas. Did you remain just as satisfied keeping small fish in large tanks as in keeping large fish. Do you feel like it's more rewarding to have large fish or just the same have a big tank with tons of little fish. Not sure I'm expressing it correctly, but hope you get what I'm contemplating.


I mostly can't be bothered with the small fish, they're only good for a bit of filler or extra color. They've got to have some size before they become individuals. There's a few exceptions, like the Brazilian puffers I used to have...But otherwise seems it would be a waste of time only having a small tank with small fish. I don't think I'd bother any more with a tank under 400L and at least a few medium sized fish like severums.




I've had both. The larger tanks have more room for more interesting fish.


I think it's really a personally decision. I like both big fish and little fish in bigger tanks. With little schooling fish you can often have larger groups of them in a large tank so you see a lot more of the natural behaviors. I like using larger fish as centerpiece fish. I feel like too many big fish, even in right sized tank, sometimes makes the tank look smaller then what it is. My 40 gallon breeder will have both smaller and couple bigger fish in it for a nice balance.
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