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  1. ej19

    ej19New MemberMember

    Just found a great new family run aqua./reptile store this weekend. Super knowledgable and friendly staff. I did feel like I was being "sold" a bit. Honestly I'm just starting out and don't think I need to spend $300 on lighting right this second. They did manage to snipe $250 from me tho haha. In the process of starting up my new 55g. I can't believe I fooled myself into thinking this was going to be inexpensive, silly me. Just finished up adding my little piece of drift wood to my 5g betta tank and rearranging a bit. Can't believe my next project is going to be 11x as big! Everything looks great in my head so far haha. I hope I can pull something awesome out. If anyone has any random aquascaping tips I would more than appreciate them. I'm fully going trial and error here.....plus whatever the Internet tells me.... But everything I see is way too over my head! Anyways long post I'm just super excited to get my hands wet!
  2. Chunk101

    Chunk101Well Known MemberMember

    Congratulations on your first 55g! :;hf
    It IS exciting and a little nerve racking to get your first big tank.

    Don't really have aquascaping tips for you but do have some basic tips for beginners (myself included), that seem like good strategies to setting up a tank. I apologize in advance if you are already aware of these things.

    The first idea is to pick fish that are adapted to waters that are similar to your water source. i.e if you have hard water don't pick species that are adapted for soft water. You don't HAVE to do this but it makes things easier especially if you don't want to play around with your water parameters. (unless you enjoy doing that)

    The second idea is to pick fish that are suited to your tank size.

    The third is if you plan to have a community tank, make sure the fish are compatible.

    These are the things that are coming to the top of my head and I'm sure I forgot something crucial.

    Anyway, have fun and good luck!
  3. Dolfan

    DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    A small bit of advice for you to save money is check out everything online before buying anything locally. There are no sales people online, just time and descriptions so you can shop and see what you want/need. Usually most supplies, lights, chemicals, filters, media, medication, plants, basically whatever you need will be waaaaay cheaper online. Seeing that your in Canada I would check out bigalspets.com, they are super cheap and have many stores in Canada.
  4. OP

    ej19New MemberMember

    Thanks, I got my filter online.... I think its a matter of patience and convenience!
    My plan is to plant the tank first and let it cycle. Then decide on fish last. I have no particular preference so I'm just going to bring a water sample in and let the store help me out. Their fish selection destroyed petsmart. I'm hoping I can get some of the electric blue rams...heard they are water sensitive but the ones they have are locally bred and apparently that helps a bit. I'm definitely going to post some pictures and document my progress. This forum as been incredibly helpful in the short period of time since I've joined!

    side note.....its so irritating trying to find Canadian retailers online. Everything I find is coming out of the states. Seems like a good deal until you factor in the exchange, shipping, and import fees. For sure going to check out big als.
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    Hi ej19. I have a couple of thoughts. The first is that you say you found a fishstore with very knowledgable people. I do not know your experience level, but sometimes when inexperienced you come across people in fishstores who talk with authority but have no idea what they are talking about. These people remind me of an old saying "Often wrong, never in doubt". So if you do not have a lot of experience, it is always a good idea to not take everything you are told at the fishstore as being correct, no matter how confident they appear to be.

    My second thought (wow two in one day, this may be a personal best for me!) is that if this fishstore is as good as you believe it may be, then you should buy from them even if it costs a bit more. It is hard for a brick and mortar store to compete with an on-line store since the on-line store has less overhead. But that on-line store will not have knowledgable people to help guide you. So if everyone shopped on=line instead of that store, they would close and you would loose a valuable resource.

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