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    So I bought a bottle
    Of excel on my heavily planted 10g... I have BGA and Brown algae... and not using C02 injection. The bottle called for 1 capful for 10g initially, which is what I did.... my main question is how much more do I need to be dosing and how often?

    I have Cardinals &a Harlequins.... anubias, water Sprite, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Crypt., Cabomba, pennywort.

    Are my fish in any danger, with this as we'll.
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    The standard dosing is 1 ml per 10 gallons of water. For best results you will want that dose daily. After you get things under control you could cut back to every other day or so. If you read the bottle of Excel it explains the 2 dosage amounts. Be careful using that larger initial dosage they suggest on bottle, many inverts are some plants (anacharis mainly) are sensitive and will have issues with the larger dosage. Most everything does fine with the smaller/standard dose.
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    Well, glutaraldehyde is used as a fish poison and some people have had mass deaths. The most common scenario is just a trickle of deaths. Plenty of people use glutaraldehyde without deaths but it's not possible to predict when glutaraldehyde will become toxic (it varies with pH, temperature, and many other things we don't yet know about). Even if there are no deaths there's still the likelihood of injury and an even greater likelihood of painful irritation with each dose.

    Pressurized CO2 works better, is much safer, but has higher startup costs. Some people say it's cheaper in the long run. A lot of people like glutaraldehyde because it's cheaper but risking fishes' lives to save money is what Wal-Mart does.
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    I have used the product for years, only issue I had using it at stronger then recommend dose was possible Shrimp loss... l
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    The most perfect statement of the day. Oh, it also made me want to follow you, it appears you know your stuff, and are witty to boot !!
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    Everyday is best, Seachem has stated the effects only last for about 24 hours. The bottle should also list the second dosage.

    For BGA and brown algae try to lower your lighting intensity. What ferts do you have?