Ewwww. Thread like worm in my tank 5 Gallon Tank

  1. kimoore Member Member

    So there i was, getting ready to turn off the light in my 5 gal invert tank, when I noticed some thread like things on the side of the glass. At first I thought it was on the outside and grabbed a rag and some cleaner. When it didnt come off, i decided to take a closer look. Low and behold, there are little thread like worm things in there. So, heres the question. What are they and how do I get rid of them? Are they something to worry about? Thanks in advance!
  2. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Maybe planaria.
  3. kimoore Member Member

    whats that? how do i get rid of it? it is something that can hurt my inverts and fish?

    oh thank god! Im pretty sure thats what it is. I had an emergency happen with my 20h and had to put everybody in the 5 gal for 4 days. Im sure that and a mixture of some other factors, (possible overfeeding, (the fish were getting so aggressive and food seemed to calm everything down,) sudden HUGE bioload, some dead shrimpies on the bottom and I recently have had a plant die in there,) are what contributed to this problem. Since I dont have fish in there, how do I get rid of them without harming my RCS or MTS?

    Theyre definately moving....
  4. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Planaria are tiny white worms that are often noticed on the glass. If this is what you have, they are not harmful. Usually caused by overfeeding or leaving debris in the tank too long.

    Easy to correct. Stop feeding your fish for a week and they will eat the worms. Increase water changes and do deep gravel vacs to lift all debris.

    Don't panic. It happens to everyone!

    Edit: As this is an invert tank, you don't want to use antiparasite meds. Just keep up on the tank cleanup and they will go away when their food source is gone.
  5. kimoore Member Member

    so, after some research, the planarian are very flat and wide, mine seem to be more thread like... could it be the same thing? Im kinda of freaking out!

    Im afraid to gravel vac, i've got loads of MTS and RCS babies. Teeny tiny things!

    can i add salt and not hurt the RCS? I thought the shrimp were sensitive to the salt?
  6. catsma_97504 Fishlore Legend Member

    Don't know what to suggest then. Maybe someone will have an idea.

    Planaria are caused by debris and uneaten food in the gravel. If not cleaned up it will eventually cause an ammonia spike, which could kill the RCS. Maybe use something tiny like airline tubing into a bucket you could check closely for shrimp before dumping?

    Are these worms crawling around or are they pretty much in one place?
  7. kimoore Member Member

    good idea!!!!!! it will take forever, but I will be able to keep a better eye on things! Great suggestion!

    they are moving, not fast, but def a little bit of a wiggle. Not like and inch worm, i can see some of them floating in the water and getting pushed by the current. You know how you'll get a little peice of lint in you glass of water? Thats what they look like.

    Heres a link to a picture thats looks like what I have, but its in spanish, so i have no idea what it says.
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    If it slides along the glass, then it's planaria. I've had this other long white worm in my tank too, they wiggled around and the fish loved eating them. Feed less and do more water changes. :)
  10. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    Everyone in the link think that, yes that is planaria, and that they are not dangerous, just a nuisance. They also recommend heating the water to 35C for several hours...

    Edit: 35C is 95F! I wouldn't try this unless there was nothing else in the tank and you have a backup 'cycle' (aka filter media or whatnot) on hand. I was just translating and didn't think about the actual logic of their claims...
  11. kimoore Member Member

    thanks for the translation! I have some TSS in the fridge.... i think I will just van the gravel and add a fish to take care of what can be seen. I have another problem tho, I will post it in another thread, maybe you all can help me with this one too.
  12. cameronpalte Member Member

    Gravel Vac into a bucket and if you catch one or 2 unlucky shrimp net them back in