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I am returning to fishkeeping after being away from it for 4 years This time I bought brand new everything. Here's my current specs :

Sunsun 304b canister filter loaded with extra ceramic rings and bio balls
Aquaclear 110 HOB with original media
Moderately planted
Eco-complete substrate mixed with equal parts black Tahitian Moon sand
Setup mid February
Ammonia-.25 (I believe this to be false positive)
Nitrite-. 00

Current stock as of this post
-5 black neon tetra
-3 glow light tetra
-5 tiger barb

Deaths over last 24 hours :
One full grown adult bristlenose pleco
7 tiger barbs

Others deaths since setup :
1 full grown opaline gourami
5 clown loaches
1 black neon tetra
5 glow light tetras
1 synodontis petricola
6 neon tetras
1 rainbow shark

When setup I used a dirty filter sleeve from my stepsons Oscar tank to seed my canister, a week later I used an 8 Oz. Bottle of Tetra Safestart hoping to supplement bacteria. I use API master test kit, readings have been consistent since tetra Safestart.

Everything in my tank dies a slow death. Fish stop eating, become lethargic, sit on bottom or at water surface, stringy white/clear poo has been seen on occasion but never hanging from fish. Tiger barbs were added Saturday and have been dying ever since more rapidly than the other fish deaths. My synodontis petricola showed signs of fin rot on his tail but it took him within 24 hours once I saw the rot. No other fish have had any fin rot. Clown loaches looked like their upper body swelled while their lower body wasted and appeared as if they were ripping open from eye to tail (I originally though one was injured from a decoration, that wasn't the case).

Everything dies, other than the few symptoms listed above I see nothing on the outside of the fish. No fungus, no clamp fin, etc. This leads me to believe it's internal parasites but could they wipe out tiger barbs in 24 hours of being introduced to the tank? If this was your tank how would you treat?


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PH is 7.4

I'm looking at paraguard, prazipro

I really just want to know what will work to clear the tank of the nasties because clearly it's in the whole tank infecting everything. And hopefully not wipe my plants and filters out in the process


I don't think Paraguard is going to help, you don't have a fungus problem you have a internal parasite problem. Parzipro might work, though I've never used that, as I've been using APIGC as my go to med.

I would treat the entire tank, follow the instructions. This might take a few doses. In the long term you will want to look at getting a QT set up so you prevent introducing parasites into the tank.
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Yes I'm definitely doing quarantine from here on out, I have 4 tanks total atm. Luckily, only this one is infected. Unluckily, this is my largest tank. I'll look into general cure as it's readily available and cheap. Thanks.


Maybe Judge Faith is scaring them to death!?
(Sorry, had to with the reflection and all)

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